5 comments on “Miss USA 2020 goes to Graceland

  1. Mr. Tinio, alam ko po kilala niyo ‘yun’g (bago’ng) patent holder ng MYI.

    Referring to previous post, MWP has MEcoTeen in its portfolio.

    MYI needs to start NOW, while on global pandemic lock down, to set the groundwork to target MYI as THE A-class BIG teen pageant in the Universe…

    … Yes! Suggest to the group/organization to talk with IMG to supply only the absolute most gorgeous-fresh adolescent ladies to be found anywhere. ‘Yun tipo’ng Kelsey Merrit or a 15/16-year-old Giselle Bundchen when she represented Brazil at Elite Model Look/Look of the Year.

    (Wouldn’t it be nice if Kayleigh Garris could come to the country? Mygawsh, she is even more beautiful then Cheslie Kryst, while not compromising on wisdom and manners.)

  2. A good sign indeed. If you think about it, MUP and BbP could follow suit. A lot of tv productions here in the US could find the Tyler perry studio production guidelines as instructive. For example, they could limit the usually 2 month long activities to a weeklong stay at the hotel with occasional visits to sponsors. Candidates take a COVID test prior to checking into the hotel, quarantine for 3 days, then participate i. Activities so long as social distancing is practiced or limit activities to smaller groups.

  3. This is a good sign. A welcome move by WME/IMG. I hope other pageant organizations will follow suit. The world cannot afford to be on a lockdown always, let alone the world of pageantry. Life has to go on despite the pandemic. People just have to follow basic health protocols. I believe the world is winning against covid. Covid should not dictate our plans and actions. God created man to have control over the lesser forms of animals and it should stay that way.

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