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  1. Norman based on the majority of the comments here, PARANG WALANG GUSTONG SUMALI PA si CELESTE CORTESI sa MWP 2020/2021. Pero maaari mo namang dalhin ang beloved gurl mo kay ALV NOT as a beauty contender BUT as a SEXY TALENT for TV shows and (online/digital) men’s magazines. Kikita pa si Celeste nang malaki rito. Pageant fans are not keen on her becoming a beauty queen for reasons that you ALREADY KNEW. Thanks.

  2. Pag sumali to’ siguradong gagawa ito ng fake advocacy nya para sa BWAP hahaha… Dun makikita yung drama nya with sympathy kunyari just to win. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. A foreigner posing as a “pinay” in order to pursue her pageant dreams.
    She can’t even speak Filipino fluently 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Tito Norms, I wish ma-feature mo dito si Alana Monica Rhedey. Aside from Patricia Magtanong, isa s’ya sa mga wish miss ko for MUP. I find Alana a super beauty, a quality we seldom find in Filipina delegates in international beauty pageant. Ang ganda ng mukha as in pangabog kay Dayanara, perfect ang tindig, tambokswana ang butt, mahaba ang neck so I suppose she is tall, at mukhang kudaera sa ateng. Gosh! Na-excite akong lalo sa MUP!

    That’s all.

    • Yes, Ana. Since she is one of the Top 9 Finalists for Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020, Alana will definitely be featured. 😊

      • @ Norman Also, po, feature Crescini (Boracay Island, Aklan). Like Cortesi, also Ital-‘Nay, po?

        She is serving Valentina Ploy-Giardullo vibes!…

        … btw, po. Do you know why Ploy did not re-join MUT this year? Is she avoiding a re-showdown with Praveenar? When does she plan to re-surface?

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Go rummage through the Blog Archives for Mr. Tinio’s recent post on her.


      Her stint at MMP revealed a need to polish comm skills. A full-body shot on Fb suggests she is not incredibly tall… Might be another Gazini – stunning looks with intellect that will “stun” (euphemism). ‘Eto ‘yun’g ka-batch ‘ata ni eager-beaver McDonnell. Right, Blogger Man?

      Whether or not we will see her on a future edition of MUP could depend on her finish at Aliwan.

      I have not seen a photo of her unmade-up. With all that cosmetics, she looks unreal… Am iffy.

      • Flor, even if she stands 5’6″, she at least looks tall because of her proportionate body. But I think her real height is 5’8″. I stalked her on Facebook of her friends wherein she appeared bare faced and, oh gay, she’s diosa. I am hoping she won’t consider any aesthetic enhancement because she is naturally and effortlessly beautiful.

        Kung nagbabasa mo man ito, Alana… I suggest you polish more. I understand you are under KF, but if you need to switch camp in order to join MUP, then do it. Gandang-ganda ako sa’yo. And if ever it is true na mahina ka sa comm skills per Flor Tula, girl, read and read newspapers everyday. Yung binabasa mo na malakas, at pino-pronounce mo ng may conviction. Read papers loudly everyday and then write a summary of what you read in two paragraphs. That’s a tip. Then watch CNN, Fox News, BBC more often. You need to imbibe how to naturally speak English.

        That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund And if I may add, kasi I get that not a few folks are turned off by reading serious-lengthy-technical stuff (aka, Headlines)…

        … then read the Lifestyle, Sports, and Entertainment Supplements. 🙂


        Question : What is the best way to forget?… Without resorting to “panakip-butas”?

        Answer : Don’t cover the wound up. Allow it to fester so badly you finally call it quits! Very liberating. Sure-fire way to erase memories for good. Tell yourself, “sh_t siya”!

  5. Sa Binibini na lang siya sumali!

    Para siya makuha ng Miss Grand Philippines title!

    Lahat ng may attitude problem na mga bilat doon dapat isabak para by default isnaben ng sangkabaklaan ang peygeant at hindi na umasa sa wala!

    Attitude na bet na bet ng may-ari ng patimpalak!

  6. Di ko bet ito saka di ko din bet Yun mukhang aparador na nasa kabit serye
    Maraming mas mabait na ganyan din kaganda
    Puputi buhok ni Arnold dito at if sasali yun kabit na matapang pa sa asawa

    • @ bonsaihater Ah-HAHAHAhh….!!! 🙂

      No worries. Ikukuha ‘yan ng prangkisa para makasali sa patimpalak nina Mdme.SSL next year.

      May iilan rin naman’g katawan-aparador du’n. (wink!)

  7. Crown her! Pili cya among the ff:
    1. Binibining Pilipinas-GMRC
    2. Miss World Philippines-GMRC
    3. Miss Philippines-Earth GMRC
    4. Mutya Pilipinas-GMRC
    or be the very first Miss GMRC Universe/ World/ International/ Earth 2020!!

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Huwag natin’g lokohin. Mukha’ng seryoso…. Consider this trail of clues :

      In addition to Trisha Bantigue, there was one more would-have-been-MUP 2020 candidate, except that residency was insufficient. CC, here?

      She apparently has been in the country for nearly a year now, if not more. Should be enough by now. Got involved in some sort of charity work for children.

      Lip job.

      A throwback/memory on Fb of her walking the runway for Val Taguba at the Benefit-Dinner of ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ. Not necessarily that pageant, the point is VISIBILITY.

      • I am serious with my suggestion sister Flor…she should be trained first with improving her attitude. I mean, there a lot…a LOT MORE beautiful true blooded Filipina than her. Bakit kailngan ipilit? Unless wala nang babae sa Pilipinas at cya na lang at bobombahin tayo ng Russia o ng China at kailngan magpadala ASAP. Gaya nga ng sinabi ni Mars Sharmaine, as what the little prince said what is essential is invincible to the naked eye.😊 Thank you, NEXT!

      • @ Sjeffie Cheon Ba’t naman tayo bobombahin ng Tsino at Ruso, gayon’g tayo pinag-e-eksperimentuhan nu’ng mga bakuna nila para sa SARS-Cov2 (SinoVac & Sputnik-5, respectively).


        Miss Friendship International (China-based) has no Q&A. She can be a great follow-up to Gabby Basiano! Also, Miss Charm, as successor to Ashley Subijano Montenegro. Both are very GMRC.

      • @flor. ashley Montenegro, GMRC? How come? Cara and hans seem to have pleasant demeanor. Is it because both parents separated? Sana hindi.

      • @ serge By “both”, I was referring to the two pleasant-sounding pageants – Charm & Friendship.


        Ashley, I’ve not heard of any attitude issues.

  8. Well. if she is going to join again. dont put walls on her way. lets give her another chances. we really didnt know the real story. but if ever true nga. well theres a word Changed. malay nyo naman nagbago na. pero i can see her winning in mwp rather than bbp since mas marami titles don.

  9. Celesti’s beauty is MUPish. Because of her tainted personality courtesy of her alleged unpleasant attitude in the past, I think she needs to hire PR experts to clear her eroded pathways. Also, she has to work more on her communication skills.

    She is gorgeous, passable to be Angelina Jolie’s double. Good luck, girl!

    That’s all.

  10. Hindi na ito yung Gurl na
    May tattoos gumagapang
    Sa Kipay nya!? Shet!
    Kahit burado na…nakatatak
    pa rin yung image sa subconscious mind ko.

  11. I DO NOT LIKE the ENHANCED LIPS. The original was a lot better. AND WHY RELEASE PICTURES MEANT for men’s magazines? Norman PLEASE TELL HER HANDLERS to be very careful doing Celeste’s PR work because for the past couple of years she has been getting numerous NEGATIVE FEEDBACK DUE to ATTITUDE PROBLEM, WEAK COMMUNICATION SKILLS and BAD public relations JOB (like releasing photos of TATTOOS, ENHANCED LIPS and in REVELING swimsuits).

    Just like LORRAINE, SMA and ALV are EQUALLY WARY of this KIND of GIRLS because of their UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES dealing contenders/queens with attitude problems and wrong agenda/vision. Remember the cases of Maria Isabel Lopez, Samantha Lo, the recent Miss Eco Teen Phil., etc.

    Another question – Does she really want to become a beauty queen? Or to be a sexy YT star (like Ivana) or something to that effect?

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Vanessa Mae Walters. 🙂

      If she could get even the MPT title, she could (perhaps?) use that to aid in justifying an extension of her stay in the country, because it’s a DOT – sponsored and – organized pageant. If the itch on social media to resume local travel (once the country-wide lock down is lifted) is any indication, she could be in for a BUSY year. And she did say that she wanted to get work.

      BUT, you should get your pageant Admin friends to convince ALV to elevate/appoint Glyssa Perez to be MMP 2021 (as replacement for Isabelle de Leon). 4M’s cousin and former Miss Bohol will be the one to represent us once India declares the “all clear” on their SARS-Cov2 situation. Or, in other words, six (6) titles muna… Her “Kasuso” advocacy should find favor among Indians!

  12. I read about her on the news and it sounded she has an attitude problem, so nope. There are so many local girls who are as pretty or even prettier than her who are motivated and much more respectful.

  13. eto ba yung hinde umatrnd ng coronation ng MEP 2019? kung san dapat mg pass sya ng crown? di kagandahan ang ipinakitang ugali. tsugi ito sa MWP

  14. Please, no. I don’t want to see her in any Filipino pageants. She’s not fluent in English, Filipino, nor any language/dialects in the Philippines! Just represent Italy!!! Also, she didn’t even finish her Miss Earth Philippines reign, which means that she’s only for the title, not for the responsibility.

    Ang basic ng tanong niya sa Miss Earth, ang layo ng sagot tapos gusto niyo pa na siya magrepresent sa Pilipinas???

  15. She is very attractive facially. She has a strong chance to get the Bb Pil-International title.

  16. stunning. For me, MWP may not be the right pageant for her because i am not sure if she can come up with a substantial “beauty with a purpose” project. Binibibing Pilipinas seems to be more appropriate for her.

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