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  1. Here’s another trivia on Ms. Dess during Miss Universe 1984. She tied with Miss Germany not once but twice. They tied for 2nd place during the swimsuit preliminaries and during pageant night, they tied again in the swimsuit competition this time at 3rd place. Miss Germany was one of the most gorgeous candidates that year. It was just unfortunate that she was called in as first semifinalist because the judges usually hold back on the scores with the first set of girls.

    • I hope MU will revive the “little sisters” . It gave the long gown segment of the competetion an ethereal vibe. It also brought inspiration to the little sisters and this is one concrete example.

  2. I found the Philippines’ 5th Miss Universe. She is Miss Baguio 2019, and currently a Miss Aliwan Fiesta candidate… Ms. Alana Monica Rhedey. She can be a perfect goddess. Grabe, i-train na itong batang ito habang maaga! Ang ganda talaga n’ya. Magbu-bloom pa ito. I’ll watch out for this lady.

  3. Aya seems very conversant to me contrary to what others say.
    Her comm skills is actually similar to Pia’s

    • @JustPassingBy I agree. Aya seems to be comfortable on a more conversational setting. I really think her nerves just gets the better of her every time she’s on stage answering Q&As, pero during casual interviews she sounds good naman.

      • @ unorthodox Would you know how she came up with that painting (her background)? 🙂

  4. Very Sam Brusas .. and I mean this as a compliment as I like the way Sam does his interviews

  5. ‘Yan, Tito Norms, I finished the entire video kahit mahaba s’ya.

    I loved how you sliced the discussions with the three sweet ladies of different generations, and then you all get to one frame before you end the episode until it closes.

    Your interview with Ms. Desiree was lively. I loved the fact that you had a lot of trivia during her stint in Miss Universe. It only showed that, indeed, hers was one of your favorite MU episodes in the 80s (together with Chat Silayan’s).

    I reckon that Ms. Desiree’s attitude na pangabog sa kompetisyon para umangat s’ya sa iba was well instilled in Mafae’s mind during her stint in Miss World in Sanya. And I am anticipating that this will also be used by the time Aya competes in either Miss Grand or Globe.

    Nahahalata ko na nung time na ni Aya, medyo napagod ka na Tito Norms. Hihi! And si Aya, very Maxine Medina ang personality ‘pag nagsasalita. She is sweet, charming, composed, and modest. She is into art therapy din pala. (Yes, guys, you try art at this pandemic. It’s a good stress reliver and depression buster.)

    Verdadero Queens are not only beautiful; they are also warm and humble. They are a picture of contented women who are awe-inspiring and loving. I do not follow any of them on their social media accounts, thus I just learned that Mafae has two stepsons who, she said, she fell in love to call and own them as her sons (to that effect). What a lady! And to Madam Desiree, sige na nga, I’ll follow your DVA Menus.

    That’s all.

  6. What a fitting season finale! This episode is one for the books. Not everybody knows that Desiree did not wear the headdress intentionally to be able to position herself infront of the stage. Not everybody knows likewise that she bypassed Miss Italy during the exchange of souvenirs because she did not like the later’s attitude. Nakakaloka! One thing that helped Desiree win the crown is her being a true person on or off the stage. Even during the Q and A of Bb Pil 1982 and 1984 as well as of MU 1984, you can really sense her honesty/sincerity and that endeared her to the host, the judges, and to the audience. I love the attitude of the Verdaderos, magaan sa loob pag kasama mo sila and I can feel that through Norman’s actions. Mafae and Aya are such fine young ladies. You can tell that they were properly raised by their parents, may breeding talaga. I wish Aya can compete internationally. She deserves a reward for the title that she rightfully own. And one more thing, I love your new haircut Norman, please maintain it that way. After watching this episode, my day is complete and I can sleep tonight with a smile in my heart. Thank you norman for this episode, I consider this as your wonderful gift to me that I will forever cherish.

  7. Tito Norms, I have honestly told you before that I have never tried completing an episode of your Pageantry Norms (which means I even had a glimpse of the episodes, right?), but tonight I will watch the whole episode of these Verdadero queens. I am their fan talaga. Although I only watched Desiree’s performance in Miss Universe on Youtube, I’d say her presentation was one for the books. Mafae is one of my favorite BbP queens of the new millennium. I thought she was sent to the wrong pageant because she was a very MU prototype. Aya can give us honor representing this country in Miss Globe (please, and not MGI). Before I was rooting for her in Supra, however, since BbP has no longer had the franchise, sige sa Miss Globe na sya.

    These Verdadero Queens have one thing in common, the “IT FACTORE.”

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund It may just as well be, that Aya would be sent to Albania.

      On AGE.

      She’s now 29. MGI’s age ceiling is 28. (The)Globe’s is 30. Info c/o @ unorthodox.

      The issue is with Angkol. Whom, then, if both Sam Bernardo and Vickie are in competition?

      One idea floated is to re-sash a 2019 queen. Resham, Emma, or Gazini. And since SARS-Cov2 will render the second Venezuela hosting virtually impossible now, my dear sweet Angkol might have no choice but to stay home in Thailand; anyway, Valentina Figueroa is with him.

      • Great analyses, Flor!

        I am actually thinking that since MGI patterns their pageant as MU copycat, thereby giving candidates a lot of talking on stage, therefore Aya would possibly hardly make it in the semis. We all know that speaking is Aya’s waterloo, thus, she can very well fit in Miss Globe.

        That’s all.

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