4 comments on “The Phenomenal Women for Downy Premium Parfum

  1. Keeping clothes clean and soft helps ease a gruelling day in any workplace. Adding a sensorial experience to match one’s mood and style is exhilarating, and in this endorsement by MUP aspirants, phenomenal!

    • @ scorg How often do you laundry? 🙂

      In your experience, does fabric conditioner really help prolong fabric quality?

      Is the use of fabric conditioner in laundry the norm in your host country? If so, is it heavily advertised there?

      • @Flor, my Steward does the laundry. My clothes are mostly linen and cotton, except for the wash-and-wear office slacks. I don’t wear clothes that have been worn before– even socks, underwear and singlets. They have to be machine-washed after wearing. In this personal clothing regimen, a fabric conditioner is a must to prolong the fabric quality and to maintain the newly-washed fresh smell. I do the shopping for house provisions myself in my favorite supermarkets, and yes, I buy Downy. The middle-and-up classes use fabric conditioners but the lower classes who are the majority do not carry this product in their budget. They use the popular multi-purpose bar, a soap that is used for both laundry and bath.

  2. In the first matrix, I like Maria Fee Tajaran (Romblon), Lemon, and Skelly. They are looking at the clothes, which is good because they obey an important rule-of-thumb in advertising photography – WHEN THE MODEL LOOKS AWAY (from you, the viewer), VIEWER/CUSTOMER IS ABLE TO FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT (Downy, in this case).

    Guys, ‘yan’g Maria Fee Tajaran, siya ‘yun’g SEXY-HOURGLASS-AGAINST-THE-ROCK in the previous post. Naka-floral two-piece…

    Si Rabiya, hawig ni Praveenar Singh dito! Mygawsh, Blogger King, give us your MUT 2020 1st Pick soon, po. 🙂

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