5 comments on “The Ongoing Miss Universe Thailand 2020

  1. Meh….

    But Yuyi does look pretty based on these pics…

    I wonder which one has the gift of gab?

    • @ Closer2Fame Kurak! 🙂

      Communication skills – content and delivery – na lang ang missing piece sa pageant domination ng Thailand sa Internationals. Charles Adam Genato has said as much, in his chats with Laila.

      Pero, pansin mo na lagi’ng pumapalo ‘yun’g “l’est majeste” mentality nila, na lagi’ng pinupuri ang Thai Royal Family or used as an example during the Question Round, kahit saan’g pageant? Of course, we must respect them for that. But, doesn’t it make them sound one-dimensional, if not timid/tentative? Even now, there are voices within the Kingdom calling for reforms as far as the way the government deals with the Monarchy. And listen to how Zozi talks. She could make kings afraid of her.

      (Just to get some sort of perspective on the clamor, a news channel on YouTube reported that the King spent the global pandemic lockdown in a German country hotel with his harem…)

      Though Mr. Tinio said in his interview last night with Sam Brusas that English proficiency is in his opinion not mandatory to turn in a solid performance in MU given the availability of translators in the USA, it cannot be denied that even just for the rep’s own sake, having some working English can boost her confidence at the very least. Well, Praveenar speaks English… Polyglot.

    • @ JustPassingBy Don’t you think Yuyi looks like (Jehza) Huelar, here? 🙂

      … and Cindy looks like (Ewa) Patalinjug.

      Last year’s Batch was the BOMB. Kapag si (Patraporn) Wang ang bumungad, SLAY. And we see again (Promo video) Orawan, Kim (Docekalova), and (Tanachapohn) Boonsang… WOW.

      Mr. Tinio, kumusta po ang pag-train nina Paweensuda at Wang sa mga kandidata?

      Praveeenar is giving plenty of Fred Cull vibe – sophisticated urban polyglot. Her closest match at MUP is Bella. My preference in this matrix, though, are Aoom, Amanda, and Praew.

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