4 comments on “In Swimwear: Bulacan, CamSur, Pasig and Romblon

  1. May outdoor pictorial!

    May indoor pictorial!

    Iba-iba ang swimsuit!

    May half-body shot!

    May knee-length shot!

    Kanya-kanyang galawan nanaman ang mga babaita!

    Hay naku, Shamsey! Galaw-galaw din sa pagiging National Director pag “maraming” time!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Kasi nga, MUPO should have first completed ALL shoots before anything else… Naabutan tuloy ng SARS-Cov2. Look at how BPCI does it. Learning curve for Mdme. SSL and company… At least sabi ng UP think tank, may indications na that our pandemic curve is moving towards flattening. VIGILANCE AND DISCIPLINE ARE KEY AND INSEPARABLE, like the sacred union of black and white (Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel).

      Let’s admit. FK’s “gold glam” shots looked odd-ish… not quite the Evening Dress/Formals Prelims.

      Now when we think about it, puwede siguro ihinuli na lang ‘yun’g Runway Challenge sa BGC… 🙂

      Oh! Btw,…

      … nood kayo sa SBC Pageant News tonight, 2030H, for the grilling of our dear sweet Angkol Tinio!

  2. Meh….

    … kiddin…

    In fairness to Miss Romblon….
    I love her hourglass figure… perfect for FHM…

  3. Earth – Romblon, Air – CamSur, Fire – Pasig City, and Water – Bulacan.

    Speaking of which, Klara Vavruskova is GORGE – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alessandra Ambrosio combined! 🙂

    … and guys, watch the music video of “Beautiful” (by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams). At 0.45,… puwede pala mag-header sa (beach) volleyball… eh’, ‘yun’g “libero” sa conventional v-ball?

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