8 comments on “Being Miss Universe during a Pandemic

  1. Zozi showed the universe how it is to be MU in a pandemic— in a majestic style! In the backdrop of all the limitations of home quarantines, business shutdowns, events cancellations, international and domestic travel bans, social distancing, and mask- wearing, the universe only has the internet to connect people together. The facets of beauty that come into play in this situation are definitely not the physique, but the intellect and core values. Luckily for the universe, Zozi has those qualities in great abundance. Via cyber technology, Zozi stayed up close to her hordes of fans worldwide to inspire confidence in life despite the challenges of COVID 19, violence against women (the other scourge stalking her country), institutional racism, and other relevant issues. It is providential that Zozi is the reigning queen in this critical times—she has a powerful inner glow that can preside over a meaningful celebration of beauty amid these human tragedies.

  2. Milya, milya ang layo ng kagandahan ni Gazini sa babaeng ito…
    Abot hangang moon and back, shet!😉
    Parang nag skin bleaching yata si ate…
    Hindi na sya itim ngayon🤗

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. As judges of the 2019 Miss Universe had decided, we can no longer dispute that Zozi is universally accepted to be beautiful. It is also as if you ask South African black people who would mockingly say Zozi is beautifully miles away from Gaz.

      The bottom line here is RESPECT. ‘Wag na nating ipaglaban pa lalo na’t wild card beauty lang ang ating Gazini.

    • There is no universal standard of physical beauty as it is culturally-defined. Zozi typifies the African beauty archetype. Her hairstyle alone is a profound statement that natural is beautiful, no need not put on a wig or hair extensions as most African women do. I live and work in Africa and from the African cultural lens, I know Zozi is strikingly beautiful. Her high intellect and solid core values all the more make her physical beauty glow.

  3. I hope that after her reign and the pandemic has been controlled, Zozi is given by MUO some roles side by side with the MU 2021. She is an effective speaker and a good role model for the youth, qualities that were not highlighted during the pandemic, but which can reinforce MUO’s brand.

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