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  1. “Respected pageant blogger” is a title you earned and most assuredly deserved. Your longevity in this crowded field speaks volumes of the quality of your work and in the interest of your words. Stay strong, stay focused and we’ll celebrate yet again when you are inevitably the recipient of another accolade and the many more to follow. Congratulations my friend.

      • @ scorg … and thanks to you, Angelo Reyes (look below). ๐Ÿ™‚

        You recall @ Basil, who was also quite critical occasionally of Mr. Tinio? He was the first one to mention here Alisa Manyanok as his “manok” for MI 2016 (but, of course, Kylie won). Three years later, the tall volleybelle came to Manila and was hailed ME-Fire 2019.

        @ DanDan, magparamdam!

      • @Flor, who is the “Angelo Reyes (look below)” you are refering to? And why thank him? He was then one of the dreaded trolls in this blog, spewing verbal venom in big bold letters. Am glad he has been exterminated (by Akismet?), and if he/she/it mutated the new creature is posessed now by a less toxic elemental.

    • @Flor – Yo, why am I being tagged here? ๐Ÿ™‚

      And Iโ€™m flattered you recognized me as one of the OGs (thatโ€™s what you mean with vet, right?) I thought I rarely air my thoughts here, although yes, I closely follow this blog since after Venusโ€™ time. I was astonished at how Norman was so spot on in his predictions. I mean, theyโ€™re not always 100% accurate, but theyโ€™re sound, sensible, and as fair as they could get.

      • @lonewulf, welcome back. I had always noted your sporadic short but sensible comments. We almost have a parallel career path and academic degrees, taken from both UP and abroad, except that you took the route of Finance while I took Economics. Like you, I am also an expat in a foreign country. I hope you find time to comment more to shake off the stress of a day’s work– provided you don’t dignify rude responses from smart-alecks and attention-deficient commenters.

      • @Scorg – *nganga* ๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        How do you know so much about me? (my academic and career backgrounds) Although Iโ€™m not really an expat. Still based here in Philippines unfortunately (or fortunately? Lol) Do we know each other personally? Or did you happen to chance upon my blog (which I thought nobody reads)

        I always ignore rude or seemingly ignorant comments. Not worth really spending time trying hard to convince people about our views. Iโ€™ve long accepted the fact that people can have different opinions, and different ways to express them. (Same when it comes to politics).

  2. Wow “Most Respected Pageant Blogger”…
    Love the discription.. Congrats Tito Norman…

    I love how this blog evolved for the past decade…
    It made me feel instrumental in the wins of my favorite girls who most of whom, I actually met in person or at least seen from afar… Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ara, Patricia Magtanong, Mutya Datul, Megan, Janicel, Julian Flores, Anne Colis, Kylie, Catriona.. and later Pia… I remember, the 1st time Kylie was ever featured here, she was still a student at Ateneo and she had no boobs yet, I know I was the 1st to ever mentioned that she could win Miss International… and then she did… I remember 1st seeing Janicel’s tall built & unusual proportions… I remember how I always thought Pia was snobby and then she proved me wrong… I remember how I always rooted for Megan 4 years before she actually joined… I remember posting about Catriona since 2013 because I believe she could actually win any pageant and then she did! I remember when everyone had a crush on Patricia Magtanong but they were shocked to find out that she was only 17… I remember when I escorted Michele Gumabao at a casual mall event in 2013, she wore flats and yet she was like an inch taller than me.. and I’m like in my head saying “What a big burly bitch?!” ๐Ÿค”And then in that short span I discovered that she’s actualy super nice so now I’m absolutely rooting for her…

    I remember how I used to write those long ass comments that noone actually reads.. In 2015 I stopped makin the effort cause nobody seems to understand my inputs… but then Pia comments in deep Tagalog during the final prescon a day before the corronation night of Miss Universe 2015… her message proved that she actually reads my comments even though I wasn’t rooting for her in her 1st 2 attempts… That was the moment I knew she would win…

    I can’t believe more than a decade passed and I never got tired of being “inspired”. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ

  3. @Ana Winter-Lund, @Paul, @Flor, @Lireo, @Andy: I agree 100% that an episode featuring pageantry enthusiasts would be, to quote Ana Winter, “the finest hour on Philippine Pageantry”. The Philippines became the epicenter of global pageantry and is considered a Pageant Powerhouse because of the hordes of pageant crazed followers who made pageantry not just a national pastime but a thriving industry. I believe the more responsible and sensible fans are represented fairly well in this blog. An episode that will probe on their attitudes and perceptions on pageantry, in their own authentic colorful language and sub-culture, would be very inteesting as well as value-adding to the development of this industry.

    • The zoom discussion would not be that great without you around, Scorg. Let’s say, I could appear if you were also there. I think it would be more intelligible having you in the war zoom.

      That’s all.

      • @Ana Winter- Lund, like you I am used to Zoom teleconferences, especially now that international travel is restricted, and domestic travel is difficult. But I would rather remain anonymous. My interest in pageantry issues may not particularly be compatible with my visible involvement in industry issues, and may impact hegatively on my standing in the business community and country that is still largely homophobic. If this episode materialises, I’ll just be watching online and will definitely write my reactions on the comments section.

  4. Sir Norman, as I said before professionalism, credibility, and integrity makes one earn public recognition. You are getting noticed. Congratulations.

  5. Norman ang PINAKAAABANGAN kong EPISODE ay ang PAGTATAPO sa Zoom (or other media) nina FLOR TULA, FABIAN REYES at SCORG. With you as the moderator/interviewer, that episode (for sure) will be one of the MOST INTERESTING moments in your career as a pageant blogger and the entire Philippine pageantry. He, he, he…

    • oo nga ano? it’s high time na magharap na via zoom ang mga old timers sa blog na ito.

      • @ Lireo Old-timer na ba ako dito? Is late-2015 long ago enough? ๐Ÿ™‚

        That was when I first got wind of this blog. At that time, @ Fabian Reyes was already commenting actively. Lavinia was a regular… And the gurls – @ ClaiRe IbbeTson, @ Ana Winter (not yet -Lund), @ 4M, & @ miss tissa! Si @ Chezka, bago/recent na lang… Also, @ Sunny, @ Cool Brew, @ unorthodox, & @ Phillip de la Torre are classics.

        You want to know kung sino talaga’ng old-timers? Next time, bantayan mo ‘yun’g birthday post (11 August or a day or so before or after). Du’n! Isa-isa sila’ng mag-gre-greet kay Mr. Tinio.

      • @Lireo, what about those who mutate in this blog? Are they considered newcomers or old-timers? I can still remember the horrendous verbal vile coming from the likes of Anawindang, Angelo Reyes, and other forgettable names. If they mutated, they may have been possessed now by a less virulent spirit.

      • Natawa ako dito @Flor Tula. I am amenable naman siguro kung tayo ang isalang sa Pageantry Norms, and that I guess would be the finest hour on Philippine pageantry. In fairness sa mga nabanggit mo, sobrang may sense sila kung mag-comment dito how much more kapag sa Zoom. As for me, masyado akong boxed on teleconferences, very corporate ang upbringing, but I can be madaldal just like Tyra Banks. Pero I’d rather maintain myself out of the pageant loop. Anyway, I have been in this blog since mid 2014. Yasss, virgin pa ako nung j-um-oin dito, but now I am Danish-fied. Char!

        Scorg hunnie, asan na nga kaya sina Angelo Reyes and Anawindang? My gosh, that Angelo Reyes grossly messed on this blog. Walang breeding!

        BTW, congrats Tito Norms! You have been red tagged as one of the Philippine Pageantry’s reliable resource persons.

        That’s all.

      • @Flor

        What the freakin hell?!! Reaaly Flor, you left me out of your list?! Hey, I’ve been viewing this page since 2009 and started commenting on this page using this same old nick since 2010 following Venus Raj and yet nobody noticed?! I’m surprised that you are here since 2015, you mustv been using a different nick… ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜’

      • @ Closer2Fame My apologies for failing to mention you. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I never tire of your technical discussions. Always incredibly informative and often insightful.

        Keep it up! Keep it coming!

      • @C2F, please note I did not forget you buddy. Read my thread below. I always find your historical and cultural snippets and the genealogy of beauty queens interesting. It is only lately that I found your political views diametrically opposed to mine, but that is no big issue. We’re all here to celebrate beauty, not ugliness. Peace!

      • @Scorg

        Thanks brotha..
        I’m actually surprised that we have opposing political views.. nway, it was still an awesome decade chatting w/ you here. ๐Ÿ˜

      • @ scorg Indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Good taste – the kind consistently delivered by the likes of @ C2F and yourself – comes from good spiritual values, and has nothing to do with beauty or ugliness.

        Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

    • #Paul, with due respects sorry to say I decline. I prefer to remain anonymous. I am basically a business person in a corporate jungle in Africa. Pageantry occupies a lobe in my brain to ease the tedium of a day’s work.

    • @Paul, if an episode will be dedicated to commenters, an interesting mix should includes @Flor, @C2F, @Ana Winter, @Unorthodox, @Cool Brew, @Serge, @Fabian, @Claire and– YOU!. It’s going to be boring if you include me.

      • @scorg, thanks buddy for considering me. I have been on this blog for a decade na. I got hooked on pageantry when our eldest in the family was crowned Miss Bohol

      • @Cool Brew, why will I not consider you? I always see your comments as sensible and cool, no matter how short. If you criticize, which seldom happens, they are subtle and does not rub sensibilities.

      • @scorg oh wow! Thanks for including me in your list. Im happy that you appreciate my inputs enough that you have considered me to be part of this hypothetical episode. But I feel like you’re the one most needed to be part of that discussion because your inputs are always the most well-thought-of and they always make great sense so it will NOT be boring at all. I also understand your concerns about anonymity but perhaps you can still join the video conference and just turn off your camera. Just please don’t miss out on the opportunity should it arise in the future

      • @Unorthodox, thank you for your nice words. I return to you the same compliments. You are one of those whose sensible comments balance off the mishmash of smarty-nasty one-liners, rude verbal pelts, and other snide remarks that spice up this colorful blog.

      • @scorg, but we gotta give it to you for your insights, the way you elucidate your thoughts and opinions and having the knack for using the right words to get your points across. My guess is you are into international trade and finance or make PR and marketing.

        Your comments are always anticipated. I like the thriving community that we have here. I love Flor Tula for her effortless and nonchalant ways, C2F for his sensible posts, Fabian and Angelo Reyes for their acerbic wit and Paul the number fan of you know who, bonsai hater, Anna Winter… whatever happened to Dexter Co or something?

        By the way, Bohol mourns the untimely demise of socialite and Miss Bohol 1953 Teresita Abueva , She is the youngest sister of the distinguished Dr. Jose โ€œPepeโ€ V. Abueva, former President of the University of the Philippines and National Artist in Sculpture Napoleon โ€œBillyโ€ V. Abueva (deceased),

      • @ Cool Brew We are so saddened. Please extend our condolences to the family. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        May I take this opportunity to remind the UP system graduates commenting in the blog that the marble altar and the cross above it of both the Risen and Suffering Christ, of the Parish Church of the Holy Sacrifice in the Diliman Campus, were sculpted by National Artist Napoleon Abueva.


      • @Cool Brew and @Flor, I did not know the illustrious Abuevas are from Bohol… big names in education, architecture, and beauty pageantry! In behalf of all the commenters of this blog, please extend our condolences to the family for the demise of the Miss Bohol 1953.

        @Flor, thanks for the info about the Napoleon Abueva-sculpted marble altar at the UP Church of the Holy Sacrifice. I have stayed for 4 years in UP dorms but never knew about it. Unlike you who knows practically every nook and cranny of UP Diliman, my world then was just classroom-dorm-library-tambayan.

      • @ scorg The only reason I got to know just a bit more of the campus is because my first job right after graduation was with the UP system. My undergrad thesis adviser hired me! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I am no different from you in that sense of being “business-only” – classes, library, cafeteria, home. I had no “tambayan”; I joined no student organization.

        Anyway, I reckon that where you are right now, it’s mid-afternoon of 30 Aug. Good night in advance!

  6. sir norman. how about national directors in one night? Shamcey for MUP. Alv for mwp. sma for bbp and for mep? si lorraine din ba? i think this is impossible but it is interesting to have them in one night. or at least 2 each night.

    • @ jed HELLO. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Interesting you brought this up. At “heyadamg” YouTube channel, Charles had ALV in the spotlight. The reigning MWP ND said he he is cordial with “Shamcey, Lorraine, & Jorge (Araneta)”, that he does not consider them competitors, and that he felt no need to launch his own international beaucon – “nandiyan naman ang Miss Earth”.

      What could be suggested is for Sir Blogger to shed more light on his professional and personal relationships with his fellow pageant YouTubers. For example, he said before that he is friends with Mars Franz Bayer. But now that Mr. Tinio is officially and formally aligned with TPP, how is that friendship doing? Also, there seems to be a faction of pageant YouTubers comprised of Oh Em Gee San Pedro, RJ Ignacio, Tito Dee, and Franz himself, among others, with Robato as their mother hen. We are now aware that our dear Blogger’s own consists of Charles, Ameer Emir, Tristan Francisco, Edge Tenoria, and Lavinia, among others…How does YouTube manage all this?

      • Flor how about si Alvin Sebetero? Nag-iisa? On HIS own? I really wonder about this guy – on his ethnicity (& accent), province/city located (& styling), and the production design (the wall & those educ. materials?, personal care products, etc).

        BUT I think HINDI HAMAK na mas MATINO (kadalasan) ang reviews nito kumpara kay Adam Genato na ang daming kabobohang sinasabi.

      • Yes flor. glad that alv has that kind of mindset. not treating them as a competitors. thats why i want the 4 nds to get together in one night. just like one of the episodes that includes one candidate each national pageant. i trust norman sa set ng topics/questions na ibibigay nya. wag lang ung mga nakakasawang tanong sa mga kandidata. but since they are ND and not current candidates so they have something different to tell and share. speaking of another PH international pageant. so may plan pala noon si alv to build his own international pageant. ano naman kaya yon? but what ever it is. looks like taken na ang mga advocacies. ME for Earth. World for charities. MU for women and childrens. HIV. MI for culture and education and etc etc that i cant explain in words. MGI for peace. unless pure pageant ang plan nya and no advocacies. But Miss Millenial is still available and waiting to become an international pageant. i hope Eatbulaga will make it happen. they have everything to stage that pageant. The winner will get 1 year contract sa EB and GMA and as an EB ambassador for ph tourism.

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados I’ve watched Alvin Sebetero a few times and to me he is like the Philippines’ answer to Official Nepali Beauty, Hector Cemeno, and Pipe. As such, it is not surprising he has not a few foreign fans. They appreciate his Western-style honesty. If he thinks our rep is below-par, he says so. He is therefore alone because when you do this you antagonize your fellow countrymen.

        All I’ve heard him share of his personal circumstances is that he is like you, a teacher. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Adam is OK. He does his best to be impartial, objective, and level out the playing field. Our @ DanDan and @ Cool Brew don’t like him; they say he is better read than seen (I will take that to mean they think he should not be a YouTuber). I think he is cute. I hope he will improve… luvluv.

  7. Adam already had a very lengthy discussion with those 3 beauty queens . … which I actually enjoyed very much . It made me appreciate Aya and Desiree better. I also finally got Mafaeโ€™s side of the story re – Cat vs Aya in 2018.

    So why are we having this episode.. again ? I hope Tito Norman can justify that .

    • Besides, why the need to justify, Fabian? I honestly donโ€™t see why I need to do that. I have completely different relationship dynamics with the three ladies.

  8. Hi Mr Norman Sana ho na ask nyo if queen Aya will be sent to mgi 2020 or globe 2020

  9. We are ELATED for you, Herr Blogger!


    (Hindi ka na makaka-semi-retirement niyan… Like I said, nowadays your punishing work schedule can kill folks half your age.)

    Ghost Festival is 2 Sept, about… So, mid-September is the 13th… “End of Heat”, po? You can confirm with the Ms&Mr ChinaTown Philippines organization. 22nd is the Fall Equinox, btw.

    Mayroon na ako’ng ina-anticipate na guest sa Season 2. I just hope my WIFI won’t fail me.

  10. You are indeed the most respected blogger/vlogger in Philippine pageantry. Congratulations Norman. You deserve all this adulation.
    I am looking forward to your next vlog, the Verdadero connection. What a fitting season finale.

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