13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Pauline Amelinckx!

  1. My mup, Happy bday sana tama uli ako this year . I predicted gazini as mup last year . Resham was my mgi pero supra nakuha
    Ganda ng face ni Pauline. Importante ang walang away na beauty of face. Makuda. 5’7.
    Magagawan ng paraan ang pudgy at styling


    • @ AkoLangTo Well, now that you mentioned it, why, upon CLOSE SCRUTINY, does it appear as if she was simply superimposed on the waterfall?

      • @Flor, in fairness to Pauline and Team, they had a location shoot at the Kawasan Falls. Bohol has a surfeit of falls, rivers and brooks

      • @ Cool Brew Isn’t Kawasan Falls in Cebu?

        Pauline and her Team were in Cebu? There was no inter-island travel restriction back then?

        “Surfeit” means excess or plenty of something…. Then, why not the ENCHANTING cascade that feeds Loboc River? 🙂

        In any case, Tubigon came to mind again… when I was there.

        Wishing you well in Panglao.

  2. Gorgeous. If Michelle will falter in one segment of the competetion(e.g. Pasarela is not good enough or not graceful enough during swimsuit and long gown competetion), Pauline will surely win MUP

    • If Michele falls flat on the runway and wont reach the final round.. Pauline would be given a polarizing question… and Aliza or Bella could possibly win.

      • @ Closer2Fame Dude, Mitch will not screw up her pasarela. She’s an athlete, for chrissakes!

        All this “concern” that she is poor in movement,… nothing but MIND GAMES. And in all probability, (beep!). 😦

        Kung si Cat nga, may scoliosis, nagawan nila ng paraan… the “slo-mo” turn. 🙂

        But yes, Amelinckx will probably be waylaid as you describe.

        Buon compleanno, ninfa di Tubigon! I hope you are also in the radar of ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ.

      • @Flor

        Relax… I never said Mitch would indeed falter…
        Im just analyzing what would happen to Pauline if Mitch did fail… I think the worst case scenarionl for Pauline is she would also not be given the Top5 spot if Mitch doesnt make it… Why? Because she could easily win with a landslide when there is no better speaker than her… Pauline’s highest placement is 1st RUp that is if Michele is the winner… 2nd Rup is if Aliza is the winner… and 2nd/3rd RUp if Bella is the winner… 2nd/3rd RUp if Billie Hakenson makes the Top 5…

  3. She looks like the long lost Queen of Encantadia. Ang ganda! Kung s’ya talaga ang clear winner sa gabi ng koronasyon, hindi ako magkukuda laban sa kanya.

    Happy birthday, Pauline! Good luck to you.

    That’s all.

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