11 comments on “Skelly Ivy Florida like you’ve never seen before

  1. If her legs are 2 inches longger, I’d be rooting for her in the TOP 5 instead of Apriel Smith.

  2. Biliran’s best kept secret! Wish Skelly the best of luck. For a pageant newbie, holding her own at MUP is already a win.

  3. MU/MUP is a beauty pageant. Nowadays, physical attributes are no longer the sole basis for winning. Would it be a disappointment not to clinch the crown? Sure, without a doubt.

    However, looking things from a different perspective, Skelly has what it takes to try her luck beyond beauty pageants: international fashion runways/media. Her exotic “Blasian” features combined with undeniable X-factor and most importantly her youthful innocence and rawness. If Alek Wek could make it, why not dare to dream. ‘Just hoping that Skelly could find an excellent agent.


  4. Love those photos!!! Facially, she is oozing with Beauty and X factor. I love her rawness, she is not pageant patty !!! Wishing all the best for her !!! If she wins MUP, I dont mind !!!

  5. This girl undoubtedly has the face. Pero it could only take her so far. At best a top 15 finish in MUP. May time pa sya to train further bago magfinals, pero her rawness/lack of experience really is overflowing. Add to that, her youthfulness (in looks and in life experiences) is actually working against her. Best advice for her is to take this year as a learning experience then come back after 4-5 years.

  6. Skelly can potentially be a frontrunner if she comes back to the MUP boot hold four years from now. I say this because this girl exudes a winning aura. Her exotic look is undeniably overflowing and hard to miss on stage. I watched her interviews and I’d say she can talk the talk, but, giving her more years to grow and imbibe the beauty pageant dynamics and ecosystem, I think she can transform more into a Venus Raj levels and give us a major major huraah in Miss Universe.

    Go on, girl! Seize the fun and learn everything on hand. Victory will crash landing on you in due time.

    That’s all.

  7. She nailed it on the 1st pic…. GORGEOUS!
    2nd and 3rd pic not so much….

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