14 comments on “Inday Alaiza won’t take things sitting down

  1. Among my MUP favorites(Alaiza,Pauline, Michelle, April, and Bella), Alaiza has the best figure.

  2. Oh MG! If she fails to win crown this year , she should not be allowed to get away from representing Pinas in a future MU , plzzz !!!

    I am going back down memory lane and the years 2000 – 2009 have been the Blank Years for MUPhilppines , not a single year with even just a semifinals placing.
    I was stunned to realize this because our reps were great , starting off with Nina RIcci and ending with Pamela Bianca , with Maricar, Gionna, Lian in the middle , even Zorayda !
    What happened ? was it just the other countries were much better ? or perhaps MU back then were looking for some other type of winner … Thank goodness for 2010- 2019 years , and now 2020+!!!

    • Its the peak of the issue about Abusayaff kidnapings in our country starting with Nina Ricci where in they beheaded a European…. ERAP and GMA were also hot topics..

  3. Aliza is definitely the body to beat!
    If she speaks at least as good as Bella or Pauline then maybe she could win instead of Michele…

    Her body would always be the best but we all want improvements not just in body but as a total package… Im still waiting for her big gesture that would make us all root for her.

    • Masipag ang Merlie. Di siya tamad. I hate lazy queen!!! So its Alaiza is my MUP !!

  4. Tito Norms, swimsuit pasa-vogues ka tonight, huh!

    If physical beauty is the lone criterion at MUP, then Alaiza is the runaway winner of the pageant. I think Alaiza is the embodiment of prolonged preparedness and she came all the way to the MUP foothold to win.

    The competition is heating up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit this early on, and I hope we see the pageant rolling live at MOA. Sana matuloy. Tutal naman two weeks ang intubation period ng Covid 19, sana ang candidates, judges, staff, host, etc will be in-housed na two weeks before the finals night para matuloy ang pageant. I can’t endure the boredom watching the pageant on Zoom. Duh?!

    That’s all.

    • Must be typo-error…should be “incubation” rather than intubation. 😊

      • I stand corrected, Sjeffie. Admittedly, I confusingly use the two words in writing, but I can say and distinguish the words correctly in our teleconferences at work. You must be a good editor, ergo.

        That’s all.

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