7 comments on “Nicole Cordoves: How not to sound rehearsed

  1. ano na po kaya update sa bbp? Tuloy pa kaya ang MGI at MG this year? if yes. sino kaya ang iaappoint?

    • I agree. She’s not an authority on thought processes to discuss such topic. She did not, maybe cannot, discuss how not to sound rehearsed when one is thrown a question in English before a live audience, thinks in the native tongue and delivers the answer in English.

  2. Matinding bash ang inabot nito sa mga Indonesians! Paulit-ulit sa timeline ni Lambe ang “It looks like the lava gown!” at puro tagging ang ginawa ng mga commenters!

  3. I really admire Nicole. She, herself, is speaking from her heart. You can feel her sincerity to share her knowledge. Had she joined MUP, she will definitely win,

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