5 comments on “Pageantry Norms Episode 9 Teaser

  1. Sir Norman, knowing that pageantry is just a stepping stone to a career, and that a showbiz career is not stable (i.e. shelf life is very short), I hope you will touch on what preparations or current inititaives they are doing now to secure a more solid second career (like business entrepreneurship).

      • That’s nice to hear about Maxine. I wonder what has become of Ara’s dream, when she was still vying for a crown and a new BS Chemistry graduate, to embark on a cosmetics business carrying her own brand. I sincerely wish she pursues that dream.

  2. Mr. Tinio, you know who looks like Argel, po? At matangkad din?

    Daniel Leong of Malaysia. Dios mio, he looks like cherubim! 🙂

    Bakit ‘di po natuloy last year ‘yun’g supposed-to-be Manila-hosted “Ambassadors of the World” pageant (Edwin Uy, et al?), where cutey-boy-from-Sabah was supposed to compete at? Anyway, parang may show business career na (rin) siya back home. He starred in a mobile telecom ad campaign.

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