12 comments on “More Phenomenal Women in their latest photoshoots

  1. Sana meron mag train ka “Lorraine Joy Zaragoza Bales”. Isang beauty and brain. A genius girl from Ilo-ilo. She is a just 19 year-old girl and currently her name is trending right now. Hopefully, she will be our next hope for Miss Universe crown :). Please search her on Facebook.

  2. now i understand why there is a hype with Sigrid. maganda sya sa photo na yan, pero yung ibang pics, keri lang, hit and miss

    • @ Baby Nica … also, she’s hitting 27-28 na.

      Btw, OT.

      Antabay lang tayo. May post tayo’ng KAAALIWAN. 🙂

    • @ PAQUITA X Can we assume you are referring to A&Q? Kasi kung real talk, then yeah the AP franchising scheme was just a way to get fillers and recruit fresh blood… And make money.

      ‘Eto ba ang latak ng kampo following the departure/resignation of the “orig’s” to put up MUP?

      Be honest, po. Sino ang TALAGA’NG BIG na A&Q sa ngayon? Hannah? Ahtisa? Patch? Who?

      • Flor, who are the “origs” who departed?

        BTW, thank you for replying to me previous comment.

      • @ Madame X Jonas and Nad are no longer… ‘Di ba, they formally resigned?

        Pansin mo? ‘Yun’g “veterans” sumabay sa kanila – Gumabao, Lemonon, Smith, Galeria, Pangindian.

        Ta’s, noobs like Hannah (last year, wala pa siya’ng camp!) are at BBP.

        I think also Mama World (Arnold Mercado) and Bessie used to be with, but no longer…?

        Kia and Billie,… were they already A&Q when they joined MWP? Amelinckx, when at Mutya pa?

  3. Moreno reminds me of Des Verdadero during her modeling days. Flores is gorgeous but her pose here appears unqueenly.

  4. As candidates to the inaugural episode of the Miss Universe Philippines, I hope these phenomenal women take the pride of being pioneers of such pageant and enjoy all the benefits it caters to them. After all, wearing the sash of the place one represents in the pageant is already an honor. Good luck, ladies!

    That’s all.

    • Ana, the training alone on personality development, social skills, and community leadership is a benefit they can carry along in their chosen careers after pageantry. It is also remarkabe that they carry the sash of their provinces/ urban areas not because it is assigned by the organisers but because it is officially designated by their respective local organizing committees (APs). From this alone, their pageantry journey already enjoys grassroots support and involvement. I just hope that MUP brand- building will soon include a continuing advocacy that will enable grassroots involvement in some meaningful community programs. This will establish the MUP brand in the hearts and minds of the Fiipinos as truly an organization led by Phenomenal Women.

      • Very well said, Scorg. And I hope, win or lose, these ladies will hold their heads up high and tell their respective communities that joining MUP is a unique experience of a lifetime.

        That’s all.

  5. Notables for me in this cluster are…

    Macalino of Marinduque and Piczon of Mandaue City – we get something of their provenance.

    Moreno of Camarines Sur – the ensemble, though busy, comes together harmoniously. TEXTURE!

    If this were the Final 10, the bottom half would consist of Benicta, Macalino, Florida, Evangelista, and… Crizaldo (I want her to crossover. ASEAN beauty!).

    Kim Docekalova will be Markwalder, Patraporn Wang will be Moreno, Tanachapohn Boonsang will be Hakenson, Miriam Somnprommas will be Piczon, Paweensuda Drouin will be Flores.

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