6 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 Regional Semifinalists

  1. It seemed that virtual pageants are now a trend after Miss Philippines Earth 2020?

    • @ AJ But as with all trends, it will pass. 🙂

      And as a general rule, trends are cyclic.

      It will be interesting to see exactly what sort of conditions will necessitate a fully-on-line pageant again (aside, of course, from pandemics). For example, if and when mankind finally colonizes nearby Mars, will there be a Miss Mars (LOLZ)? Mr. Tinio and his earth-bound pageant media friends should do all they can to ensure they will still be up and frisky by at least 2085, as they will serve on the Panel of Judges.

    • @Flor, while online pageants are borne out of the restrictive conditions brought about by this pandemic, I predict technological breakthroughs will enable a parallel virtual pageantry to emerge and operate side by side with live-audience pageantry even when the pandemic is gone. With the proliferation nowadays of webinars and zoom meetings/conferences in the business community, online interactive education in schools, and even nationwide virtual conventions (such as the US Democratic Party National Convention), it is not far-fetched that virtual pageantry will become a business model existing side-by-side with the live in-person modality—especially when the technology that turns spectator events into interactive, theatric spectacle has been fully developed. When that time omes that virtual reality mimics in-person reality, I think a parallel online pageantry looms in the horizon.

      • @ scorg …. and how fitting, indeed, considering this pageant is brought to us by (a) RADIO (company), THE VERY FIRST FORM OF REAL-TIME AND REMOTE COMMUNICATION.


        What excites me in particular is that the Manila Broadcasting Corporation will involve ALL its formats and bureaus – both AM & FM bandwidths – in this search. You will surely approve of their claim to a grassroots outreach and coverage… I hope they discover a diamond-in-the-rough!

  2. Guys, selamat pagih!

    Does anybody know how tall Alana Rhedey is? I suspect she cannot be more than 5’5″ (barefoot).

    From Luzon, for me, the Cities of Puerto Princessa, Baguio, & Tabaco.

    Visayas, Boracay-Aklan (is she Fil-Italian, Mr. Tinio?), Cebu-Consolacion, and Tacloban City.

    Mindanao, the Cities of Cabadbaran, Malaybalay, and Zamboanga.

    Jasmine Omay,… could/should go for a BIG nationals soonest…

    Blogger Boy can dedicate an episode of Pageantry Norms Season 2 for this.

    … Hope he includes a cutey-boy from MBC in the chat. 🙂

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