5 comments on “Apriel Smith: Back to Black

  1. Pahinga na sa beaucon, aside sa pagiging blasian wala naman chance manalo to’ kaya dapat mag divert na sya sa ibang gawain sa buhay.

    • I agree…. aside from joinning pageant as a black-Asian, what else does she have to offer?

  2. Mystique was also a shape-shifting mutant portrayed by Ribeka Romijn-Stamos in the X-Men film saga… Wolverine (portrayed by Hugh Jackman) will definitely please our @ Lily. 🙂

    In the 1980’s, the X-Men (hard-copy) comics had Storm looking much like how Apriel looks here. I think the intent was to make Ororo look like a black rain cloud looming….

    In the FK glam shots, Apriel dressed and posed (pulling on her hair, remember that guys?) as to emulate a comet on its way to destroy (Miss) Earth. I wonder if Wendell Quisido also made that.

    MUP-CP (Cebu Province) looks positively cosmic-galactic!

    Mr. Tinio, in the event Samantha Bernardo declines ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ, here’s your sub!

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