12 comments on “The exotic allure of Rabiya Mateo

  1. Facial beauty. Would be her limitation
    It may be just due to poor make up and styling
    Body is good But she won’t win with that facial presentation

  2. She should have worn 12″ heels for this shoot…
    She reminds me of a dachshund with those short legs…

  3. Rabiya Mateo is the BEST GIRL to send to Miss Multinational in India next year. I am already imagining her NATIONAL COSTUME – HALF INDIAN SARI & HALF FILIPINIANA. She SHOULD JOIN MWP this coming January. I just hope makaabot ang post na ito sa handlers niya at siya mismo. Thanks. Good evening.

    • When she joined Miss Iloilo, 3 crowns were at stake: Universe, Binibini, and World. Nakuha niya is Universe, si Karen ang Binibini, I forgot who won World. So yung Miss Iloilo Organization iba yung ipapadala for MWP. 🙂

    • @ paul Indians would find her plain Jane. We cannot and in fact should not impose our aesthetic on them. They are a proud race. They even look down on Filipinos sometimes… 🙂

  4. Her earrings in the first photo look like metal-plated Adiantum fern leaves. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, pakisabi sa Tierra Verde Farm, I want their Alocasia “elephant ears”, po. Look at the SIZE of those beasts!

    I have visions of Laetetia Casta enjoying a sunny day out on a yacht…

    Not statuesque? Well, neither were Culpo and Nel-Peters. SI cover! Mr. JG, use your connections!

    … my “not-exactly-front-runner-Five” could include Sigrid, Paola, Chiara, WeAm, and her.

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