5 comments on “The Brand South Africa Empowerment Workshop

  1. Now more than ever, the MSA brand needs to sharpen its image as an organization of empowered women. Two pandemics batter the country right now: COVID 19 and violence against women. It’s remarkable that the finalists evoke rich images of capacity for leadership that with or without the crown we know that they can confidently face the future because they embrace their power.

  2. It’s heartening to see MSA and MUP trailblazing the unchartered waters of pageantry. Both are showing the world the most meaningful celebration of beauty. And that is by way of harnessing and showcasing the power of holistic beauty in engendering societal change and development. Both are showing the global pageantry community that no pandemic can stop them from rallying the world to celebrate beauty. In fact, this pandemic all the more juxtaposes the social relevance of a pageantry for those agile and innovative organisations. And both has proven that business-wise, online staging can still attract corporate sponsorships, pay-for-view and merchandising revenues, and even income from media rights.

    • BTW, the US Democratic National Convention that just ended last night showed how an online event can still elicit excitement to the viewers. With speakers from various locations drawn together in one continuous show, the online clapping of supporters from different places provided the unexpected razzmatazz. I hope the MSA and MUP online shows can generate a level of excitement among the pageant enthusiasts.

  3. THIS is what a PROUD-INFLUENTIAL sponsor can do for a struggling or emerging brand.

    Has MUP found their “Brand Philippines” partner equivalent?

    (… kasi naisip ko, maaari’ng marami’ng gusto’ng makatrabaho ang MUP, kaya lang dahil ay nasa eksena ang F…)

    As they go along, Mdme. SSL & Mr. JG need to decide which folks to deal with, which to drop…

    They need to find the perfect blend, ‘ika nga.

  4. It’s better for them to enter politics instead of beaucons. We need women who are empowered with relevant advocacies under their belts to make our world a much better place to live in.

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