16 comments on “Pauline Amelinckx and her inner Audrey Hepburn


  2. That bun should have been an inch higher to elongate her head instead of making it look broad by emphasizing her mannish square face….

    I would have sinched her waist to the size of her neck to enhance her hour glass figure to make this more high fashion….

    The color, length and bow is so highschool prom… why?!

    That shoe should have been no less than 7 inches till it hurts!

    If her team keeps up this kind of styling, I would highly doubt if she would even make the Top 5… ughhh…

    Sooooo disapointing!!!!!!!

  3. To amelincx team, given Pauline is tall enough but have a chunky body. May I suggest you take some styling fr the nemesis of patch nagtanong herself. Jolene fr the land of Indonesia . They have the same height and body type. Both are half Caucasian w facial beauty that can launch a thousand ship. Kalimutan nyo Yan hairstyle nyang Yan sa pic please. Ang ganda nya na to start with

  4. Terrible dress and that ribbon on the shoulder is quite distracting. She’s ready to go to a high school prom. Love how she carries the dress but it’s not her right style.

  5. I don’t like this styling. Yes she is really 5’7 but the chunky body really needs work.
    Still my mup

    • She needs to show some gravity in terms of styling
      She can talk well already
      If she can maintain the kind of spirit she showed on her Beyond the Coast video , she has the chance at the crown .. if not this yr maybe in the future editions

  6. The classic Hollywood style works best for Pia and Sam B ..and possibly Cat
    Pauline looks like a black Audrey Hepburn

  7. Drop dead gorgeous. Her glamour fits more of Miss International beauty pageant. If ever she won’t clinch the MUP crown, I wish she doesn’t get disappointed and try BbP pageant.

    Good luck, Pauline!

    • Teka, guys, I am trying to reconsider. I have watched Pauline’s several videos on Youtube and I am awestruck. She is eloquent, charming, and beautiful.

      Tito Norms, what is Pauline’s real height ba talaga? I find her really stunning. She is the face of the MUP!!! Gosh! Kung kasing height n’ya si Kelsey Merritt, then she can also be looked tall. She can also be our Olivia Culpo in Miss Universe! Kelangan n’ya mag-Thermage.

      Ang ganda n’ya pala talaga. Naloloka na ako. Ituloy n’ya lang ang ganyang glamour look. Now I am torn between Pauline, Alaiza and Michele. Wait, Michele, magpasilip ka na nga rin ng most glamorous snapshots mo para magkaalaman na.

      That’s all!

      • @ana she is 5’7 . Needs to have intense work out to look longer. Yes ka height nya si Kelsey

      • @Bonsaihater and @Cool Brew, the height is not bad. So, para magmukha s’yang lean and long, kelangan n’ya ring magpapayat. Maganda ang mukha n’ya in all angles. Wala kang maipintas!

        That’s all.

    • Sweet looking, I think she is more fit at the Miss International. If ever, she may join BbP next time.

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