5 comments on “BTS of Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Roxie Baeyens for UltraLife

  1. GOOD thing Mr. Tinio posted this not long after his MUP Tough 5 (laktaw lang ng Lemon)…

    I said before that Roxie’s hair color makes her look very Miss Vietnam. Compare now with Galeria’s own, whom some of us said does not suit her dusky Sorsogona beauty. Keep it ebony, daw…

    Look also at Amelinckx’s jet-black locks. Pauline, like Baeyens, is half-Belgium. Isabel Preysler!

    I think masyado’ng drastic ang hair color ni Baguio City.

    Herr Blogger, how is Empire Marketing Corporation connected, po, to JG’s Empire.ph? If so, will this also eventually mean MPE kweens and Runners-up will be donning Aerian masks soon, too?

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