14 comments on “Sandra Lemonon: Diving into the competition

  1. OVER cooked na ang merlie, mas gusto ko siya during her Binibini days ! Para na siyang hot momma dito.

  2. Nakukulangan ako sa ganda at least sa first pucture. Siguro sa angle, she needs to find the right angle on pictures.

  3. Pansin ko lang. Ang dami pumupunta kay Michele pero dito kay Sandra wala. Samantalang ang laki din ng Pata at balakang. Partida hindi pa volleyball player yan.

    • @ Question Lang Hourglass figure. Aka, TINY waist to offset the combined terrain of t_ts & as_.


      “Pasig” pa lang siya sa MWP 2016, ganito na siya ka-seksi. Critics even targeted her ink, to no avail. And of course, her “BUILD (3X)” debacle at BBP 2018 endeared her to pageant fans.

      • If I look into the picture and video on this post. I cannot see the hour glass figure you are referring. Even on her recent IG post no hour glass body.

  4. She reminds me of one of the Kardashians
    If that was her intention. , I would suggest that she think again
    I’m not a fan of ‘ overcooked ‘ women whether it be due to too much tan or make up or surgical enhancements
    What’s wrong with just following the footsteps of both Pia and Cat??

    • @ Fabian Reyes Just curious, po. In terms of surgical enhancements, is a nose job too much for you? Heck, even guys (male pageantry) do it!

      Allegedly, Emma Tiglao, Honey Cartasano, and now Roxie Baeyens (look at @ Kimi95’s comment). Sthefany Gutierrez, I know for certain, because I saw the “before-&-after” in an Indonesian pageant page…

      YOU were the one who said the nose is the center of the face. 🙂

  5. Bessie hates Sandra…. to put it mildly .
    But she is pretty with a nice body and good comm skills . I think she would fare better than Gazini at MU.
    The problem with Gazini is attitude . When she banged her luggage on the floor then walked down the escalator ignoring a fan who was asking if she needed help , I knew it was game over for her .
    How hard is it to just smile and say ‘ I’m ok but thank you !’? That tells you her poor coping mechanisms and lack of maturity .

  6. Now, I understand why A&Q diverted the “veterans” to MUP, leaving the noobs at BBP.

    And had Ahtisa jumped in as well, this inaugural would have been the “All-Star” edition to kill all!

    But as it is, only Michelle is being seriously considered to win, single-handedly fending off The Camp’s “Bella-Alaiza” tag team.

    I guess it’s now effectively “game over” for Sandra and Apriel.

    But back to Lemon, here… Her signature has remained unchanged since MWP 2018. She is pleasant enough. But, could she truly be any better than Gazini, in the event she will rep us?

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