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  1. There was a tagline in the 90’s about male models, “Where models look like MAN!” Cameron Alborzian, Marcus Schenkenberg, Tyson Beckford, Michael Bergin, David Gandy just to name a few!

    At the start of the new millenium, nagsulputan na mga new models where they look like BOYS NEXT DOOR! And yan na naging trend lately!

    Mga Pinoy usually neutral ang image! Very few yung may Oriental image na kahit itabi mo sa mga blond-hair-blue-eyes eh lulutang pa rin ang ka-guapuhan like Josh Cordoves and Albie Casino!

    Most of those guys listed above are hafu! Matinding criticism nanaman ang sasampal satin lalo na sa mga shupit by saying kasi yung mga local natin na pure eh pangit!

    And usually also mga hafu Pinoy (mapa-babae man o lalaki) hindi nila masabi ng derecho na Pinoy ako! palaging kailangan mag conduit na “I’m actually half —!” to gain acceptance or to reverberate superiority! Hindi katulad ng mga Thai na alam nila identity nila to be Thai pati nga mga pangalan nila na kahit na hafu pa sila!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mars, tingnan mo si Alex Lundqvist, Swedish, now nearing 50 years… kasabayan nina Marcus, but more towards boyish and maybe a precursor to the Millennium.

      I have yet to see a black male model to upstage Tyson. And of late, only Sean O’Pry moves me.

      Hindi rin kagwapuhan ang pure’s ng Indonesia. Malaysia, yes! “Pure’s” to mean no Europe DNA.


      The best male Orientals, imo, still come from China. Orientals to mean “Far East”. Head to toe.

    • Only 2 of them are actual Hafus… the rest are thorough-bred local mestizos…. So what do you think of Michael Comaling? I also like John Mamangun except he is short and a total cliché for being a flight-attendant….

    • @ serge Did you notice how male FA’s/CC (Cabin Crew) in the Philippines are the ones that usually go the pageant route? Only rarely athletes (like Wolff). And a cop, Mariano Flormata, Jr.

      JP Ocat was. Reniel Villareal was GC (Ground Crew) at Emirates, I think…

      The MistersoF has become a recruitment blitz for new “fly boys”! But these are mostly boyish types. JM Mamangun clearly can trump them all when it comes to (beep!). 🙂

    • Too bad Mamangun is short and he needs to workout his boy body… And how is he suppose to win any of the sports competition… his short stature wont even get past the modeling challenge ..

  2. BAKA nga MANALO ang Philippines sa Mr. World next year. ALV (& the Philippines) HOSTED the pageant last year. I THINK ALV will be REWARDED by JM for his GENEROSITY, HARD WORK & DEDICATION, HOSPITALITY, (ETC.) SHOWN to JM, her team and the candidates in hosting the said event. REMEMBER, how the Indonesian Team was REWARDED with PLACEMENTS (runners up) and BWAP titles (a number of times) in Miss World by helping JM & Company staging the pageant in terms of financial support/sponsorship, hosting it in Indonesia in 2013, logistics and the like.

    So tulong-tulong lang. Kung HINDI tinanggihan ng Pilipinas ang pag-HOST ng Miss World noong 2014 (the team talked to the VP then) baka DALAWA na ang Miss World crown natin. See, this is ONE of the reasons why many (millions) of Filipinos DON’T LIKE Miss World (and Mr. World). Good morning to all.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Rolene Strauss, right?

      Then, Catriona wins in 2016?…. Now, this makes me wonder…

      … how differently things would have gone had Catriona been our second… 🙂

      For one thing, the MW franchise would have stayed with Mdme. CQ. And she would hand-pick our rep to MrW.

      Amusing, when Andrew Wolff shared on the Pageantry Norms “The Kings & I” episode how she practically corners him with round-trip plane tickets to London, and he accepts out of courtesy (but, of course, he is a very nice guy to begin with). He was a #fFreshFilipinoForTheWorld” in a very real sense, with no (prior) pageant experience. In your opinion, should ALV simply appoint or conduct a casting, like what JG does with Manhunt Philippines (Daniel Azurin, Jeff Langan, & Daumier Corilla, all Fil-Am’s)?

  3. Is there a height padding in male pageantry? I feel 5’10 is still middling but if true 5’10 ok na din
    Lamang matangkad at broad shoulder

  4. Tito Norman ship ko sayo si No. 4. Malalamang mabubusog ka sa kanya. That stare is to die for. He is the next best person to that pacific islander, whose length and girth is presumably beyond compare. Cheret lang po.

      • Go! Go! Go! Hindi bagay sa yo ang preppy type. U want em tough huh. Lalo kang kaiingitan ni pabyan.

      • @ Chezka Hindi interesado si @ Fabian Reyes sa offerings dito, apparently. Pansin mo, wala’ng imik? They’re all yours, sweetie!

        Don’t worry. He has made it quite clear he prefers the “other side of the tuna can”.


  5. Ano bang age ceiling/limit nito? Someone who is in his early to mid 30s sana para hindi mukhang totoy. Ang bata tingnan ng mga Pinoy (at ng ibang asians).

  6. Aaron Davies is very handsome. Michael Comaling has very nice skin tone. He is very manly.

    • I like Aaron Davies.. but he’s a halfie who didn’t grew up here… Do you want another Sam Ajdani situation where in he can’t even sing Happy Birthday in Tagalog?

      I’d pick Michael Comaling who can speak 3 languages as well as being a proffesional triathlete w/ a college degree…

    • Aaron Davis?! A halfie who didn’t grow up here?! He looks good but I don’t want another Sam Ajdani situation where in he can’t even sing Happy Birthday in Tagalog…

      English may not be MIchael Comaling’s 1st language but he speaks 3 languages as well as being a proffesional triathlete with a college degree… 🙂

  7. Find a way for Davies to be sent to either World or Supranational, BUT sashed as New Zealand!

    That Magalona guy competing right now at CTS, if he is single and scandal-free, convince to cross over… Anyway, everybody is assuming bunso’ng Bondad will win by a landslide… 🙂

    Like Lars Pedersen at World, I feel GPVL is now ready to crown a king of shorter-than-usual physical stature while still fully-compliant with our @ Lily’s demands (below). Pedersen, for the benefit of those who might not be aware, was a carpenter. The victory of the boyish Crnkowich of the USA already broke the “dark-and-stubbly” stereotype initially thought to be the Supra trend.

    • @Flor: You are so sweet to take note of my demands. You should be on the judging panel. LOL Muah!

  8. I think Michael Comaling is the best choice…
    A tall 6’2 island grown national thriathlete W/ pageant experiences.. with Bigger arms, Q&A trainning and braces.. he is good to go… and best of all he is the most handsomely indiginous looking unquestionably Filipino of the bunch…

      • No way! Great background, speaks well… he also has a manly walk and bone structure.. I guess braces is all he needs to win this!

        He’s like the Shamcey Supsup or Janine Tugonon of male pageantry…

        He needs to start pumping those shoulders and learn to properly place his family jewels in not so tight bikini trunks to get more followers on social media as early as now….

  9. My wish is for a manly man. Someone who can carry me with one arm and a tray of food on the other while taking me up to the bedroom. Someone ruggedly handsome, masculine and studly. I’m tired of the “totoy” look that Philippines seem to prefer sending to international competitions. I don’t want to feel like I’m sending them off to school with their lunch. When standing onstage side-by-side with the other international delegates, many of our reps look like the twinkie little brother next to those studs.

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