6 comments on “Ashtie Nights S2 with Michele Gumabao and Adee Hitomi Akiyama

  1. Both Michelle and Adee are intelligent. Michelle however has an obvious edge over the Adee. Michelle is famous, had been a national pageant winner, and is prettier. As I always say, Michelle can win MUP if she will loss weight, improve her body shape, improve her Pasarela, and move more graciously. Adee has the potential to be a national beauty queen if given the right training.

    Ashties were asking about a national beauty queen who became physician. It is Dr Milagros Javelosa, 1990 Bb Pilipinas-Tourism

  2. So, THIS is Adee.


    Michelle, kapag bumungisngis, hawig si Valetina Figueroa.


    (Mema lang…)

  3. Michelle looks good tonight
    She can definitely do well at MU … provided she gets in shape and develops a better pasarela
    NO EXCUSES!!!!

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