4 comments on “Short-haired Billie on a Sunday

  1. Tito Norman, do you know her ancestry ? What happened to the dad ? She said she grew up poor

  2. She has a chance to win MUP
    She won’t MU though .. maybe top 5- 10 at the most

  3. The pre-MUP BH was anything but “short-hair”. Leaving home to relocate to Cebu for the CebuPac FA training modules, she felt lonesome and with only her sweetie canine pal to keep her warm…

    May isa pa’ng recently nag-short-hair (or at least looked like it) na tunay nga’ng S-L-A-Y. Clue : look through the mascara sponsor shoot (Japan brand) and you’ll even SENSE/FEEL her out…

    Here, BH makes me think of a young Elsa Peretti, as she modeled in New York and began the links with free-thinking iconoclasts of America’s creative elite that would lead to her very modern and enduring jewelry designs.

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