4 comments on “Pageantry Norms 8th Episode on Century Tuna Superbods 2020

  1. Kirk Bondad and Samantha Purvor are strongest contenders. They are vibrant and full of life and energy. They are good good looking with beautiful physique. They Can be good spokesperson for Centura Tuna, especially Sam. Both are every interviewer’s dreams.

  2. Julian and Kirk are hot . Either one of them could win the title .
    Sam B has a strong competition in Kathleen and the other girls

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sam B? There’s only P(urvor) and L(o).

      You don’t mind at all that Roxas, like the one Adam Genato interviewed on his channel who’s also HAWT halfie (the one I mentioned to you before), has “damning evidence online” (so to speak)?

      You also don’t mind that he has a squeaky voice? 🙂

  3. Two (2) hours!!! And the entire first half just to introduce all eight guests, seven (7) minutes per on average… I stopped at the halftime. Imagine if this were AN’s, with shout-outs to the community…

    If this were the Last Eight Standing, for me, Purvor would be queen. And, the king,….

    Purvor’s “semi-jologs” demeanor will nicely go with Lustre’s own. Picardal can be 1st Runner-up.

    Paton is a combo of both Lehmann’s – Laura and Graciella – looks-wise and sounds like Hannah. In three year’s time, she will be 26. BBP-International 2023! And Tyra Goldman can be her immediate successor (she will be 21 by that time, 2022, if I got her age correctly at 19 at present).

    Samantha Lo, as always, is witty. She should become a late-night radio DJ at MBC, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

    Bondad, I will admit now, can be good to win. Why do I get the feeling he is even more feisty and loony than his koya Clint? Very Central-to-Eastern European, the accent! He will not be a threat to Alden with that taste for controversy because Ginoong Laguna is very “commercial image”; he will simply be like the Filipino’s distant cousin by a relative who works overseas… But, he ruined the beautiful tuna product with that liquid snack of his. I hope Century Pacific Food will forgive him. 😦

    Bonoan, MALIKOT ang mata! If you want to use your hands to be more expressive, observe Kirk. Mr. BodyCon 2019 reminds me of a High School classmate of mine. He can be 1st Runner-up.

    Mostoles, a tad too “Fil-Am”. Roxas, LOST TWIN NI RJ IGNACIO (vlogger)! Pati boses. Kulang na lang, buhok sa dibdib (Hi-hihihh…).

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