5 comments on “The Miss Universe Philippines Ring Light Series and Online Store

  1. Meh. tbh walang dating.

    Masyadong binabalandra ang MUPH logo. Sana naisip din nila na yung mas may saysay na design. more on advocacy kahit slogan. then a small logo of MUPh.

    ewan ko lang. parang masyadong matamlay. The branding itself needs more life. more color. kailangan ng konti pang energy.

    • @ MrManila Speaking of color, even the choice of black and gold for the shirt… was probably OK up to February (just prior to the outbreak of the SARS-Cov2). This is why I wondered in my previous comment if the shirts were ordered in advance, at ngayon lang na-deliver… 😦

      “Energy” and “Life” is RED. The “gold glut” may have been reached… You like red and silver, po? Parang luggage nga lang ang arrive…

      SILVER will mesh nicely with that Aerian Essentials face mask advertised here some posts back. 🙂

  2. I will just wait it in Youtube, I don’t want to spend unnecessary expenses , mahirap and buhay ngayon.
    i subscribed Miss Universe before, and I was disappointed, live din pals sa youtube kalokah

  3. Dios mio! Yet another black (attractive to mosquito in this season of dengue!) free-size (looks like it…) t-shirt… Ilan na napagawa nila? Sabihin mo na PHP 250.00/ea… Souvenir?

    Bag looks nice, though.

    Here’s another idea-suggestion to make money…

    Subscribers, magdagdag na lang kayo ng PHP 200 (instead of the t-shirt) and get bimonthly virtual calendar of the MUP 2020 Top 12. Hurry, JG et al! Tell FK to shoot this…

    My proposed lay-out on a hypothetical “immediately-bankable-12”, with * – Swim and ** – NatCos in the SAME frame.

    Nov-Dec 2020 > Galeria**, Flores*
    Jan-Feb 2021 > Perez**, Lemonon*
    Mar-Apr > Hakenson**, Moreno*
    May-June > Ysmael*, Mateo**
    July-Aug > Florida*, Amelinckx**
    Sept-Oct > Gumabao*, Malinao**

    This is a good way to sustain interest long after the pageant is finished.

    … and a complementary calendar featuring beneficiaries, sponsors, advertisers, partners… Free?

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