4 comments on “Ashtie Nights S2 with Bella Ysmael, Christelle Abello, Billie Hakenson and Paula Ortega

  1. Bella answered with depth. It’s just that she was going around the bush. That would be a problem for her if she has to answer with time limit, especially during the Q and A portion of the competetion. Christelle answers were on point. She just have to answer with conviction. It pays to be cute during casual interview but during Q and A, where a candidate is asked serious questions, it must be answered with conviction. Between the two, however, Bella has a strong chance for the crown.

    • @ serge Depth with no precision versus accuracy with no conviction.


      One of the front-runners at CTS 2020 is so Christelle! But you said so yourself – Bella is better. 🙂

      Christelle now feels like someone who can benefit from sitting in on the ‘Cat-Cole’ mentoring sessions at BBP 2020… How to cut back on cute and carve out some CLEAVE!

      But Abello is an utter darling! Pretty sans make-up + bubbly = JOWABLE. Or, as @ scorg’s definition of synergy goes, 1 + 1 = 3. I really hope she ends up with a bf to trump both JJ & SM combined.

  2. I donot like that Moks is dominating the discussion . Candy, pls come back ASAP

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