20 comments on “The #IAMBINIBINI Introduction Videos Part 2

  1. Mercedes is pretty And sounds good . Her stay abroad has definitely helped her refine her manners and overall look.

  2. Micca .. mediocre .she would need to concentrate somewhere else
    Whatever her reason for joining pageantry , I hope she realizes it with BP

  3. Alexangela is pretty . But I would prefer that she stick to business if she’s really good at it .

  4. TaruC is Pretty and personable .. but I don’t know far her beauty is gonna go

      WITH A MORE CONFIDENT TONE,ENERGETIC..A MORE MATURE,FEISTY LADY…rather than a delicate and fragile demoiselle.
      BeautyQueens of this era need to be STRONG and VICACIOUS..really Out of their Shells of some sort..I LIKE HER FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CROWN..WISH SHE WILL HAVE A KILLER- KYLIE VERSOZA- TYPE of personality.This is purely a constructive critique…i trully like her,just hoping her CAMP will give her that extra push for a more “GATORADE PERSONALITY!”HAHAHAHAHA

      • @ Viggo Bjorn … Which could be a bit difficult if you have Maria Isabela Galeria for a bestie.


        You see, Hannah probably looks at Ms. Sorsogon and thinks (to herself), “oh, I could never be like her…”.

  5. Honey C, very pretty but she will not succeed internationally if she does not fix the Uber giant nose

    • @ Fabian Reyes …. I… oh, never mind…. Magagalit na naman si Admin wordpress. 🙂

  6. I like the humble life in the province of Czarina Guiao. She’s more beautiful with light make up. I can feel her being humble and honest. Good luck girl.

  7. The notables for me, here in this array, are Gila, Jash, Carina, Honey Be, and Lesley Anne.

    Talaga’ng jowable ang arrive nina La Union at Albay! 🙂

    I look forward to that of Cenarosa (Iloilo Province?).

  8. I didn’t learn anything much abt Basiano because most of what she said was generalized idea.
    Btw, she is the one that benefits much from make up . She is a lot prettier with make up on

    • @ Fabian Reyes …Uh–oohhh….

      Doesn’t sound so rosy (or hydrangea-y) for BBB (Binibining Borongan).

      Oh, well…Anyway, she already had a taste of international pageantry. As did Taruc (who won hers).

      • Flor , they get judged once ready on stage . I don’t think they look at the bare face
        Basiano sounds good . Her gestures are good.
        They should let her win a crown .

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