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  1. push lang ng push MG
    top 5 MUP

    pero not MUP
    we need a total package to represent sa MU
    and win

    remember may swimsuit duon unless mag PPE competition eh matatago yang champion open legs lol

    if kudaan panlaban mo
    inday marami rin makuda hindi lang ikaw

  2. Not a fan of hers.
    I don’t think she’s a Ms. Universe contender.
    I still encourage her to pursue her pageant goals, para wala siyang regrets later on.
    Pag nanalo, congrats.
    Pag natalo, at least she tried.

  3. @ paul & @ scorg There is, imo lang, NO narrative… No transformation in the works.


    So, it’s entirely up to both judges and organization if they like her for how/what she is.

    • @Flor, whatever her game plan is, it is clear that her personal branding includes a physique that is fit, toned, muscular and healthy. She is an athlete, a marketing professional, a sports broadcast analyst, an advocate for grassroots sports development, and was a credentialed graduate in a top university. No less than presenting her muscular built, but feminine just the same, will make her authentic. I believe she recognizes the emerging paradigm shift on beauty– the new beautiful is, if I may repeat, fit, toned, muscular and healthy. In this new paradigm, she competes only against herself. All others are competing tooth and nail in an overcrowded space in the old paradigm. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t have to be a person different from what she really is. To me what Michele seems to be saying is: “This is the authentic me. Join me in this journey to the whole new brave world of the New Beautiful”.

  4. This is what you call a NARRATIVE, a continuing one. The PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE. Clever, what a pageant and marketing strategy. The pictures shown above represent the past. She is currently working very hard. And the future is a killer body, the MUP title and the road to the Universe. What do you think Scorg? Good morning to ALL.

    • @Paul, you’re correct. Those pictures were taken in the past. I’m sure she has been working out to make those muscles that were “made for champions” also “made for queens”. It’s amusing how bashers are accusing her of being lazy to do work-outs when daily intensive exercise is second nature to a sportsperson. What is obvious is that her personal branding focuses on a physique that is fit, toned, muscular and healthy– in cognizance of the emerging paradigm shift on standards of beauty. A brilliant marketing strategy, I must say, because she is competing in a perceptual segment all by herself. Everybody else are overcrowding in a conventional segment where the ideals of beauty is the same as decades-ago standard.

      It’s midnight here– good night!

  5. There are no shortcuts to losing weight and getting in shape
    It entails a lot of will power and hard work
    Do you think Wynwyn and Pia got their winning form through some smart strategy ????
    Oh no . It was patience and a lot of hard work !

    • I agree there is no short cuts in losing weight only in judging, criticizing and bashing someone.

  6. Michele holds a degree in Marketing Management, a consistent Dean’s Lister at that. Michele is also a well-known volleybelle who has garnered numerous recognitions domestically and internationally. Finally, she is a respected sports analyst in a cable network who brings to sports fans a blow by blow account of live sporting events. As a marketing professional, I’m sure she knows that in marketing, it is the strategy, not the hardwork, that determines success. Just like volleyball, one cannot win a game by focusing on the ball but on her efforts on outwillting, outflanking and overpowering the other side of the competition. I’m sure too that she knows that marketing battles do not take place in geographic areas, but in the mind of the consumers.

    • Given all these, what is Michele’s branding strategy? First she presents her authentic self– physically with “muscles only made for champions”, intellectually in her academic credentials and grasp of issues as a broadcast journalist, and values-wise in her volleyball camp advocacy for the youth. Easily, her personal brand exudes strength, confidence, and power.

    • I can see that her marketing competency comes into play here: she has studied MU’s goal post. What is now the new beautiful, especially in this New Normal, that MU and its followers may have in mind? A scholarly study of Miss USA winners established that the winners have become more muscular in recent years. Obviously, ideals on physical beauty are changing with increasing emphasis now placed on bodies that are fit, toned, muscular and healthy. On this alone, Michele completely bypasses competition by creating a segment of her own that just happens to be the new beautiful that pageantry is looking for.

  7. Bakit naman si Alisa Manenok, Miss Earth Fire 2019, World Class Volleyball Player, ang sexy sexy same with Gabrielle Reece during her time! Pumayat naman siya noong her time sa Binibining Pilipinas!!! Medyo tamad lang si Ateng, she reminds me of Mariel de Leon… Dont like lazy queens! Daming dahilan.

    • gurl di sya magkakamuscles (na ganyan kalalaki) kung tamad sya. Lalo na fitness trainer pa yung jowa nya. You can’t workout to “lessen’ the muscles you already have. At wag mo sya icompare kay Alisa manyonok dahil di naman sila pareho ng genetics at bone structure. Para mong kinompare si Kim Chiu at si KC Concepcion. Si Kim stick thin talaga kahit anong lamon nya at si KC bulky talaga kahit anong diet pa gawin nya.

  8. She has a large square hip… She needs to get really fat while doing heavy squats, deadlifts and pasarella duckwalk to death so she could get a thicker butt and thighs.. then all she needs to be done after is have the fats from her tummy, arms, cheeks and under the chin sucked out…. viola! Hourglass body of Irene Esser and instant top 5 where she could easily nail the Q&A and make it to top 3!

    • C2f , I am also disappointed that her back side and thighs are not toned. While your recs are doable, they are so drastic I donot endorse them . If she could only go back to her 2018 body, i would be fine
      No excuses

      • Drastic?… Puhlease, I haven’t even suggested getting 2 of her ribs removed… My proposed measures are nothing compared to the total-overhaul undergone by Miss Venezuela and half of the girls in the top 20….

  9. Ka peg niya ang body ni Migbelis at Siera, pasok sa top 10 but out sa top 5! We want a sure Top 5 material, Right?

  10. hmm does she really fit the MU mold….i dont think so based on recent winners profiles but who knows? if shes very outspoken and can command attention from pageant fans then just maybe she might have chance for MU. I DONT THINK ITS HER BODY that needs to be scuplted more i think its her general aura that needs to be uncovered for the best. Her transformation shouldnt be forced she just needs to relax and imagine those haters dont exist and just do her best. who knows? ewan hehehehe

  11. She was sexy during bbp 2018. I haven’t seen her recently. If catriona managed to slim down w her large torso . I’m sure Michelle can do her best w a team if she wins.
    Pauline amelincx is also muscular stands 5’7 true 5’7 my mup if only it’s a perfect world
    Bella the ballerina for me is mi prototype if she wins she might don tons of ribbons and frills Flor will surely hate
    Alaiza have the height and killer body I’m wishing she will ace her q and a
    Sorsogon galleria styling always manage to get me some oomph and aaah
    Actually the problem w Mitch is the styling wag sila magkamali I oa . Her body is great western standards.
    Nakita nyo na ba how chunky the Latinas are.difgerent folks diff strokes mataas score ni mg
    During miss globe swimwear round. Type Ng Europeans ang chunky

  12. I have seen a lot of American professional volleyball players and many of them are long lean and toned.
    If Pia can do it , what’s stopping her from doing the same ?
    If she can achieve the body she had during BP 2018 , I think she’ll be fine .
    BTW, what’s the purpose of the second photo ? It’s not very queenly . The cellulites and the lack of tone are pretty obvious .

    • She didn’t say she can’t. What she said s that her legs has its story and purpose. If you don’t like it then fine. But for her, she loves it and self love is more important.

  13. Ask ko lang. Does the org brief all the judges about the qualities they are looking for? They are telling to them what qualities. performances that should give a lower/higher score? On Michelle. I think she know what she is doing. she is just being herself. Pageant is evolving and the qualities of being a winner of the year. nasa judges na yan kung matipuhan ang isang performer ke anong body built meron ka. swerte nya if may athletic judges sa MU. Pero just like what i said nasa judges pa din at swerte nya if the judges is open minded as he is. She is doing everything in her own ways. If she wins mup. i hope she will surpass miss canada 2016 did. if she wants to stay and compete with that body built. she just need to toned/fit her body and more training on pasarela. yun lang hinahanap sa kanya. remember miss jamaica during mu2010? ganun naiisip ko for michelle.

  14. Hmnnnnnnnnnn… Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…

    It’s hard to come on the first line of defense if that reasoning is conditioning us, Michele Gumabao fans, that, yeah, we shall be satisfied with what she can achieve after working hard, or the lack of it, on her body during ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and now MECQ, just to live by the #bodypositivity advocacy thang.

    I understand Michele. But, what I am saying is that I know some girls with big muscle mass who were able to lose weight by doing proper diet and exercise. It is a matter of hard work and discipline. They say Filipinos are the greatest Miss Universe fans in the whole world, and that means Filipinos expect a winning form in our MU rep. That is why we tend to first critique our very own representative if we see lesser in her, and I do not think it is bashing because Filipinos always do push hard and by giving harsh criticisms to a certain candidate gives us hope that it might be effective to achieve a great transformation in the end.

    The reason why pageant enthusiasts put Michele on top of the list of MUP candidates is because she is close to Catriona’s caliber: Beautiful face, height, brain, wow factor, eloquence, sassy, vibrant, and she’s got good camera exposure. She is almost a total package! So, what is lacking is the perfect whistle bait body we always aim for her.

    Do we need baby Jesus to intervene on Michele’s chances in MUP and MU titles? Definitely, yes. And, as I have said before, I do not have any problem if Bella, Pauline or Alaiza can steal the momentum from her.

    That’s all.

    • Minsan hindi rin maganda yung sunud sunuran lang sa uso o dinidikta ng lipunan. Minsan mas maganda kung ikaw ang gagawa ng sarili mong pamantayan ng galing at ganda. Nagbabago ang mundo at mas magaling kung ikaw ang magiging pwersa ng pagbabago.

    • Bella. Body, face, good speaker and a pedigree to make history at MU. End of story.

  15. Way to go, Michele. “Fit and toned” is now the new beautiful. According to a recent scholarly research, beauty ideals are changing, with increasing emphasis now being placed on bodies that are fit, toned, muscular and healthy. By assessing photos of the competitors in Miss USA, participants in the study helped researchers establish that winners have become more muscular in recent years. The shift in attitudes coincides with an increasing number of women discovering the benefits of weight-training in the gym, “fitspiration” Instagram accounts and #strongnotskinny trending on social media. Yes, those physique are made for champions and winners!

  16. THIS is the pre-MECQ shoot in Pangasinan??! This was what we were made to wait for?


    Ampo_ah, ‘di ko na-anticipate ‘yan’g pangalawa’ng photo… Kabagal mag-download ng device ko, so nu’ng finally nakatsamba ng bandwidth, BUMULAGA. lolz…

    Mr. Trump, this is a portent. Joe Biden might win. At least he has a woman for a running mate.

    When Anna Nicole Smith became the face of Guess Jeans…

    .. and Alicia Machado won MU. Now I’m REALLY getting the cheerleader vibe @ Fabian Reyes mentioned…

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