10 comments on “Meet the Parents

  1. 5 months na hindi nagkita si Pia at Jeremy!

    Na-quarantine pa si Pia for 14 days sa London!


    Nag-chukchak tienes na kaya sila? Ahihihi!

  2. I love you Pia Wutzbach!!! I wish you the best of love, health, and abundance!!!

  3. His current bough is definitely one big leap from that fame-whore Dr. Gaystuff on a budget… and that mini kart racer w/ minimal aspirations & twin baggages…

  4. Finding mr and mrs right is not an overnight process It is building a strong relationship through time. What matters at the moment is that they are both happy and very much in love with each other.

    • @ serge … So, in other words, you guys BECOME right for each other….?

      The prerequisite for such strategy to work is MATURITY.

      … was @ Closer2Fame’s assessment accurate, then? That the doctor and race car driver were both babies… Could it be possible that Pia herself (still) is (a baby)?

      • @flor. There are many reasons why a relationship doesn’t work. Immaturity is just one of them. You both have to grow together not outgrow each other for a relationship to work at the very least.

  5. Pia for me is the most articulate MUP .. next to Cat who obviously has the advantage growing up in AUS.

  6. Pia and Jeremy … both super hot !
    I don’t think l they are going to end up Mr. and Mrs. Jauncey .
    I just hope they enjoy the present and see what happens next !
    Pia , my real Miss Universe , anyway.

    • Why do you think so?…

      Well I hope Pia gets pregnant before that happens…

      We need their kids for our future genepool of celebrities…

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