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  1. Have a splendid birthday Norman. You are a consistent portal that has kept the pageantry world alive and beautiful even in these trying times. Whether or not you have a life-partner at this point in your life doesn’t really matter much. Your pageantry support system will buoy your spirit up. Cliche it may seem, you are enough and no one defines you better than yourself. Here’s to many more interesting posts. Cheers and stay safe.

  2. Tito Norman, who do you want to save you in the middle of the sea, Hamish McDonald or The Rock?

  3. Happy birthday to the one person who is committed to the development of pageantry! You are a Gen X’er (or Boomer?) with the vision, mindset, drive and stamina of a Gen Y’er (millennial) or a Gen Z’er.. Whatever the generational label, you will always be the same hardworking, humble, smart and upright Norman who your blog followers respect and admire.

  4. Happy birthday Tito Norms, it’s been like a decade already. I’ve seen your blog grow by leaps and bounds and how you remain humble despite the accolades and triumphs. Cheers for more. Love from Bohol

  5. Four years from now, Tito Norms, you are gonna have dual citizenship, something that you will mandatorily accept whether you like it or yes! Being a happy blogger and proudly 56 years old, I am sure you will also embrace senior citizenship. You can imagine the countless perks of being a senior citizen and you will love it.

    Anyway, I wonder if you have had somebody who you fell in love with? I could not remember you even mentioned one in your posts. Hihi! You deserve someone to hang with, exchange pleasantries and pleasures in bed, and who you will grow old to forever.

    Enjoy life to the fullest, Tito Norms. Happy birthday ulit. Mwah!

    That’s all.

    • I fell in love twice in the past, but that was a long time ago. I never had anyone serious of late. But I am looking forward to hopefully end up in the arms of a Pacific Islander who can dance the hula to my heart’s delight! 😊

      • Oh, no. At least you experienced it, Tito Norms. Masarap ang umibig, foremost if it is two ways. Mala-Hawaiian or Saipan pala ang bet mo. Hmnnnn. Parang ipagwawaswasan ka in the four corners of your room nun, Tito Norms. You may try Europeans. Mine is Dannish, and he is a winner. My pain lang ng very very light. Nubayan, ang naughty ko. Hihihi!

        That’s all.

      • Happy Birthday Tito Norman. May u finally find that pacific islander… and shower u with lots of love while enveloping u tautly in their stronggggg and loooongggg… arms.

      • The naughty in me tells me why u prefer pacific islanders… Hahaha. Surely u will enjoy the tautness of their strong and long schlongs. Go get ’em girl.

      • @ Norman So, kasado na ang susunod na #Kings&I episode ng Pageantry Norms…

        Mr. Guam who won Talent and placed in the Top 5 of his (color) team in the Sports and Fitness Fast Track at the recent MrW hosted by Manila (you even posted before that he served as judge during the Talent Fast Track at MWP 2019), Albert Nodale, Joshua de Sequerra, a Ginoo, and two former MrSupraFilipinas (with one going on to escort the current MPE in Myanmar last year).

        Dami talaga’ng boys ni Master Blogger. Inggit me much… 🙂

  6. Have a wonderful and a blessed birthday, Sir Norman ! You have indeed come a long way since I started following your blog and I’m so happy for what you have achieved and will continue to achieve. Blessings well deserved. All the best to you and your family 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday, Norman!

    I wish you happiness, tranquility and hopefully a lovelife! Ayon sa aking bolang crystal, isang foreigner ang magiging boyfriend mo!

    Keep that gorgeous skin of yours and nice smile! Pageantry and pageantry fans love you!

    Have a good day despite the pandemic!

    • Thank you, Claire! If the boyfriend is going to be foreigner, I’d like him to be a Pacific Islander. 😊

  8. Okay, let’s make this birthday post of Mr. Blogger interesting.

    He is now 56 years old. So noong kabataan ni Mr. Blogger in the early 80s, ito ang kanyang kapanabayang sikat na beauty queens: Melanie Marquez, Carines Zaragoza, Bong Dimayakyak (both Miss Asia winners) Chat Silayan, Desiree Verdadero, Joyce Anne Burton, Alice Dixon, etc.

    Ito naman ang kanyang kapanabayang sikat na Bold Stars: Alma Moreno, Lorna Tolentino, Rio Locsin, Vivian Velez, Jacklyn Jose, and the always controversial – Maria Isabel Lopez.

    Mr. Blogger sino sa mga ito ang pipiliin mo (as your favorites)?

    • Definitely Chat Silayan and Desiree Verdadero. Markadong markado sila sa akin. As for the artistas, Jaclyn Jose without a doubt. She is – in my opinion – the Meryl Streep of the Philippines to a lesser but still respectable extent.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tito Norman!

    50 plus 28?!… Sorry mahina po ako sa math…

  10. Happy Birthday Tito Norman. Keep up with what you’re doing and God bless you po. Stay safe and healthy. 🙏🎂😊🎉

  11. Happy birthday Norman. Your love for pageantry which you translate into writing is indeed a gift to us, pageant lovers and I appreciate you for that. I wish you and your mom good health and happiness.

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Blogger. We wish you steadily good health, more accomplishments/success as a pageant correspondent, and an enduring state of sanity & happiness specially in this time of global pandemic. Love & support from Mindanao.

  13. Happy 58th again , Tito Norman.
    No siblings?
    It’s time to give your mom a g-kid!

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