9 comments on “Miss Nicaragua 2020: A mix of the Old and New Normal

  1. Well, what do you expect in a country ruled by a strongman who denies the gruesome reality of COVID 19! Just like US’ Trump, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, and Mexico’s Obrador, Nicaragua’s Ortega downplay’s the public health hazards of the pandemic and encourages people to go out of their homes to open up the economy.

  2. If Miss Nicaragua was able to do it, there is no reason that Philippine’s and other countries’ pageant orgs can not do it. If there is a will, there is a way. What I am hoping right now is for MGI and MG to push through, be it virtual or spectator’s event.

    • @ serge What will prevent LIVE international events will be largely travel bans. Once possible, a combination and rigorous observance of safety protocols (chiefly social distance) could be enough.

      As for our pending Nationals, now it is apparent how important it is to extend the current MECQ status of the capital to month’s end. IF WE WANT TO RE-START AS USUAL BY FALL (‘ber months), OUR CURVE SHOULD START FLATTENING BY NEXT MONTH, if not earlier. Otherwise, we will be constrained to doing everything on-line, which isn’t very profitable for sponsors and advertisers, even if it’s PayPerView. Mr. Tinio, was the Ring Light at 299 Php per head profitable?

      UNLESS,… MUPO and the others are amenable to moving their Finals to MGCQ zones… But even then,…. haaaystt!! 😦

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