7 comments on “Beyond the Coastlines: Surigao del Norte, Pangasinan and Muntinlupa

  1. Of the 3 , Muntinlupa is the most sophisticated and prob the prettiest
    Kulang na kulang talaga yung other 2

  2. Pangasinan is ~~pretty
    But I donot see a pageant queen
    She lacks the body and the personality . Just like Surigao, she is very very raw

  3. Surigao del Norte .
    The crown is given to someone who works hard for it
    So far , I donot see any hard work … in terms of body and personality improvement .

  4. Giant Jesus statue , City Names in bold letters
    No originality
    This is not gonna help with our tourism industry

    • @ Fabian Reyes Isama mo na ‘yu’ng mga Mama Mary at Stations of the Cross. 🙂

      Parang ‘yung mga kulto ni Gat Jose Rizal sa Banahaw… with their Holy Trinity interpretation.

      But then, how different is that from mini-shrines in front of practically every major business establishment in Bangkok? Or, Hindu fervor along the Ganges?

      But, returning to the HUGE Catholic iconography prevalent in Philippines…

      Some of them were erected by Filipinos of new wealth (for example, OFW’s who returned after a successful life abroad) and who felt obligated to express gratitude to the Heavens by funding the construction of such things. And where there’s an entrance fee, a chance to make additional income.

  5. Muntinlupa has not done anything to get better physically
    While her facial beauty has improved , she is still a square .
    This is still a beauty pageant

  6. Sino ba ang nauna sa video video ang peg ? Its between Miss Earth or Miss World ?

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