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  1. this girl who is going on tour is also famous (notorious?) for her line..”It’s my journey!!..”

  2. I met Rachel when she judged Miss Tagbilaran 2018 with Cat Gray and Ms Nina Ricci. My God, she looked more fabulous than Cat and she was styled better and was more at ease. I was disappointed with Cat. Those are my first impressions with the two ladies. Nina can still stand on her own even if she was hitting 40 that time.

    • @ Cool Brew There was a photo on Fb… a birthday party of kids… Laura Lehmann, Cat, & Rachel were there. I do not remember who the celebrant was. Bata pa, magkilala na sila… 🙂

    • Indeed, Rachel Peters is gorgeous. She has a va-va-voom body to die for, a very stunning face (na pang MU talaga), and blessed with very good communication skills.

      One lacking factor during the 2017 MU competition was that she did not have the FIRE to win. The night was already reserved for a girl with a surname of Peters. Either Rachel or Demi, but the stars worked for the latter. Also, she could have made her back story (on love for the sea) into an environmental concern.

      Anyway, I have learned that she is still the female host of the Beached. I think they are going to shoot the Season 3 once the pandemic is over in the Philippines. Good luck to Rachel.

  3. diba may yummy na asawa na ito kasi exotic beauty

    ang galing mo sa Miss Saigon
    and sa Hamilton

  4. I am glad that Rachel Peters embarks on a travel show that promotes domestic tourism. We need to boost domestic tourism after the pandemic to speed up our country’s economic recovery.

  5. Paul. You forgot to write a disclaimer that this Is just your opinion. I DO not believe a lot of people share your enumerated views.

    • Ha, ha, ha… Hoy hindi ka pa tulog? Madaling araw na dyan sa inyo. Parang kailangan mo nang uminom ng pampatulog.

  6. On Rachel Peters:
    1. She has the BEST BODY among the Miss Universe Philippines in the last decade (2010-2019);
    2. She ranks SECOND to Shamcey in the 3 Most Stunning (MUP) Faces and Catriona ranks 3rd;
    3. She is next to Catriona in terms of proficiency in Conversational English;
    4. She is MORE deserving to be in the Top 5 Finalists (2017 Miss Universe) as compared to either Colombia or Jamaica; and
    5. Her travel show hosting skills (for the Beached) are FAR better than that of Pia;

    • @ paul I will agree with you on point 1.

      Ang Y-U-M-M-Y ni Gob! Sureness, Rachel has seen his hidden gems. 🙂

      The yellow flowers on the road side are cosmos, Canna, and, of course, sunflowers. Those “bananas” are probably “abaca” (Musa textilis), for which Bicol is known for aside from “pili” nut and “copra”. VAST fields of (export Cavendish) bananas, I associate with Davao, specifically DavNor.

      The white-ish deposits on the Enchanted Waterfall are some sort of mineral, a clue to the geology of the area and might be of interest to the mining industry (foreign direct investment for District 2).

      If Ms. Peters is in CamSur atm, then is she managing her businesses in Siargao on-line? The island has taken strides towards vegetable self-sufficiency. ALL “local tourism” should be like that – with as little input (therefore, physical trash) from the outside and with businesses carefully managed by the locals on mutually-agreed-upon terms. Sounds Socialist “Utopia”, doesn’t it, ‘dong?

    • She is also the 2nd worst performing Philippine delegate next to Gazini in Miss Universe. Lol!

      • @ Ryan Really, po?! She’s THAT BAD? I hope you took into consideration the ENTIRETY of our participation history in MU. PLENTY has been posted on that by Mr. Tinio these past 6 months…

        She gave KF it’s highest placement in MU.

        You wouldn’t happen to be an A&Q dpa, would you? 🙂

      • Talaga lang ha???? Mas worst pa sa Dark Ages girls like Ramos , Manalo, Andam, Licaros, Barrientos, Balingit and super marami pang iba!!! Malaki ang galit mo kay Rachel .

      • Had she competed in the dark ages, she would’ve clapped too. Any Filipina who competed from 2012 onwards is already guaranteed a slot in the semis. The girls who competed prior to 2010 didn’t have the Sash Factor advantage. She’s just lucky she was born late.

        Oh and I’m not associated with any camp. I’m just stating a Fact… at least for the last 10 girls that we sent. Claim what you want, but you can’t change the result that after Gazini she is the worst performing delegate. Didn’t BPCI diss her too a few months back? Lol!

      • I would have to agree with Ryan on this one. MUPs who competed 2013 onwards greatly benefited from the sash factor established in 2010-2012. Venus started it, and Janine had put so much power into that sash factor by coming close to winning, but without the 2011 performance (of Shamcey) in the middle it would have looked like just spurts of placements instead of an established (and sustainable) sash factor. Silang tatlo yung lumaban talaga na walang tulong ng ‘Philippines’ sash. No disrespect to the 2013 onwards girls, but without those 3 consecutive placements Pinoys might not had been so invested in voting Ara into the Top 16 and salvaging her prelims performance, MJ (with her uber patty styling) wouldnt even be perceived as a threat by the latino-dominated Doral, Pia might only have ended as 1st RU, and Maxine would not go past Top 9 with that hideous finals gown. Even Gazini’s goddess of a face would not have been enough to secure her a top 20 placement since IMG is known to leave goddesses without (enough) substance out of the Top 20. Catriona was a sure MU-win, but without the Pinoy streak in Miss Universe, the greater love and preference of Pinoys for Miss Universe over Miss World would not have been that obvious, and Julia Morley would not have been so jealous; she would have let Cat win in Miss World 2016 and hence Cat wont compete in MU 2 years later.

        Even if Rachel is dubbed as the best body among the MUPs 2010-2019 (tho I personally think that title should be Venus’s or Maxine’s), sex appeal could only go so far. Competing in IMG Universe Era with her timid personality, I don’t think she would have placed even on the wildcards.

    • 2nd of the 3 most stunning faces?!!!!
      I object!!!! That is obviously a troll statement!

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