20 comments on “Pageantry Norms: The Birthday Episode

  1. To the blogger who i follow everyday, who provides us with beauty pageant trivia and more.. whose interest/love for pageantry is perhaps as deep as the sea (maybe deeper?)… may you have the most beautiful birthday ever !!! CHEERS..!!!

  2. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and that the upcoming year is one of joy, peace and advancement. Always love reading your blogs for many years now and looking forward to many more years of your blog. Happy birthday my friend.

  3. Maligayang Kaarawan sa iyo, Tito Norms! Alam mo isang malaking biyaya na nakakapagdiwang pa tayo ng ating kaarawan sa panahong walang katiyakan ang mga tao sa mundo. Isa lang talaga ang tiyak sa panahong ito: Na araw-araw tayo ay nasa panganib na mahawaan ng coronavirus.

    Anyway, my wish is for you to continue the things you love doing. I know beauty pageantry for you is life. Masaya din naman ang beauty pageant circle, kaya lang minsan I feel so exhausted lalo na’t maraming nagsusulputang pageants na not-so-worth-it following. Indeed, it is literally corona virus.

    As regards your Pageantry Norms vlog, I am still trying to catch at least one complete episode. Ito ay constructive criticism lamang: Base sa isang episode na sinubukan kong panoorin, madaming airtime waste kumabaga. The guests do not know how to intelligebly transmit his/her opinion. Andami n’yo na nga, pero I do not find the concreteness of the topic. Kahit pa sabihing vlog lang ‘yan at hindi pang-TV, your viewers still deserve a good line of topics na maraming mapupulot. Kaya hindi rin ako fan ng vlogs, maraming content na puro kababawan lang. When it comes to pageantry vlogs, these two are my favorite: Pageanthology 101 of Susie Castillo and Shandi Finnessey and that of Siera Bearchell’s. These two avoid sugar coating. They say what they mean. How I wish Susie and Shandi provide more contents relating to Philippine pageantry. Sobrang ang galing nila magbigay ng criticism, free flow ang kanilang discussion bagama’t my bullet points silang sinusunod. Kada matapos ang Miss Universe, inaabangan ko ang kanilang vlog for their comments. Durog na durog ang Miss Universe 2019 episode sa kanilang feedback.

    That’s all.

  4. Happy Birthday po sir norman. How old are you na po? Please Dont retire on blogging and pageantry lol. 😆 ✌️

  5. Tito Norman, nag -ulit ka ba ng polo on your b-day episode ? You are so stingy ang Yaman mo na siguro lol

  6. Tito Norman , Happy B-day!
    My wish is for you to have a productive love life !!!
    What day is your b-day?

  7. ‘Yari ka, GLOBE. Norman Tinio ang sinagasaan mo.


    Mr. Blogger, I think I’ll forget by the time we get to Episode 10, so I’ll go ahead and share that my favorite one thus far was the New Normal Coping with Francis, Nix, Bea Bianca, and Tito RF. May have been a tad serious for some, but heart-felt tears (care of the beautician) always melt the ice. Just look at what Paula Ortega’s sincerity and humility did! Boss MG surely would have swelled in pride. Enjoy the week and, again, know that we greatly appreciate your efforts. T-Y-V-M.

  8. Advanced happy birthday Norman.
    I like this episode. Everybody had fun. It was like a reunion of friends. Everybody was being himself/herself. Adding fun was the delay of internet connectivity. What was more exciting was that the spotlight was centered on you. I just can’t imagine if that conversation happened physically. It would be riot. I am looking forward to your future blogs. But for the moment, enjoy your day. I wish you good health and happiness.

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