16 comments on “Game Changer: Aerian Protective Wearables Now Available in the Philippines

  1. Singaporean technology + Filipino artistry = Protective wearables. This is the synergistic outcome when two national pageant organizations pondered on the question: how can we stay relevant in this trying period of the pandemic? First project: production of technologically-advanced face masks with a fusion of function and style. Next project: extend the product line to other protective wearables. Next impactful move: MUS to donate initial production batch to MUP. What could be the next impactful moves? I suggest the entire MUO promote the products worldwide through its national chapters, and the proceeds from the sale can be used for some pandemic-related humanitarian programs.

  2. Just thinking out aloud: I wish they can develop a mask from a transparent material that does not completely hide the face but protective just the same and allows the facial skin to breath.

  3. I think majority of the deaths due to covid is not really due to covid per se. i think these patients had other serious medical conditions and it so happen that they were infected with covid. Although I cannot discount the fact, that Covid could have aggravated their existing medical conditions which led to their demise.

    • @ serge Yes, there were suspicions that come cases were “conveniently misdiagnosed”.


      You’ve probably heard of autopsies (published in medical journals) that found blood clotting… which in turn led to some doctors prescribing blood thinners (like aspirin) for SARS-Cov2 critical (?) patients. While country leaders do what they can to flatten the (infection rate) curve, our most seasoned medical experts are on an exponential learning curve themselves… These are, indeed, curvy times.

      • @Flor, this very contagious and deadly virus makes people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, asthma, weak lungs, kidney and liver and heart disease very vulnerable. The moment the virus attacks a vulnerable person’s internal organs, the patient may eventually die. In the absence of any cure yet, the immediate cause of death declared in the death certificate is COVID 19. Also, this virus is something new and the scientific community admittedly is just now discovering a lot of things– how the virus affects different age groups, how the virus attacks various body cells, what possible long-term physical and mental effect the disease may give to those who survived, etc.

      • If the mainstream media area more conscientious and not agenda driven, it will be more than apparent that most morbidity and mortality 2nd to Covid-19 share common denominators: (1) people older than 65, (2) with long-term diabetes, (3) and poorly hypertension; groups that are vulnerable to any other infectious diseases and multi-end-organ dysfunction.

        The US may have the most cases. However, how many of those who tested positive are really sick that that need hospitalization and urgent medical attention? The easy access and readily available testing without the hassle of actually seeing a doctor are important factors that greatly contribute to exponential positive numbers, which the mainstream media then again refrained from objectively reporting.

        View from different perspective, the current generalized if not almost indiscriminate lock-downs and quarantines are unmitigated socioeconomic policy disaster. Covid-19 is not the only disease entity and societal problem that needs utmost attention. Case in point, an 83-y/o mother of my co-worker fell but was advised against CT scan for fear of contracting Covid-19. Only to pass away few weeks later 2nd to subdural hemorrhage.

        What is so interesting to note that despite it’s close proximity to mainland China and absence of generalized lock-downs and quarantines, Taiwan still has the lowest overall morbidity and mortality of all countries. A fact that CCP strongly lobbied the UN from ever recognizing the amazing feat of Taiwan amidst this Covid-19 pandemic.

        On a side note, of those who tested positive for Covid-19, few if not none are on Truvada.

    • @xyz. On the contrary, for me, mainstream media is being objective because they are only reporting the data provided to them by the DOH. It is to the scientific community how to scientifically interpret these data. Well I agree with you that, our health system should not only focus on covid because there are a lot of other medical diseases which cause significant morbidity and mortality that need to be addressed. Hospitals should only be reserved for those patients who have severe cases of covid and for those patients that really need hospital care. Patients with covid with Mild symptoms and with no symptoms at all and other patients with medical illness with mild symptoms can be managed by strict quarantine and at the OPD respectively. They can be even sent at home if they are negative for covid. This way, hospitals will not be overwhelmed.

  4. I haven’t checked the Fb page link in-depth yet… But obviously, the three inserts are consumables. How frequently, the replacement? Is it recommended to stock up initially on these?

    Hideo Muraoka is now TIMELESS. Seems the modelling industry in ASEAN has been good to him… Mabait daw ‘to, in person. He is said to have the manners of a gentleman! Like one time, he was at a mall with a friend (also a Nippo-Brasiliero model like him), he not only obliged fans a photo op but even introduced his companion to the lucky girls! Mr. Tinio, ilan na anak nila nu’ng wife niya? He is a resident of BGC or Makati City, po?

    Nakita ko in person ‘to’ng Hideo some years ago… It was a Saturday evening and I went early to a Pinoy fusion restaurant at Greenbelt 4 (or was it 5?) to confirm seats for a birthday party later that night. As I sat to await the arrival of the others in our group, along he saunters… I was a little surprised. Quite SKINNY; he looks bulkier in print ads… Not incredibly tall. He was with lady friends. Thing is, if you did not know who he was, he would not really merit a second glance. 🙂

    • Madam Flora,

      Dalawa anak niya. The girl on the picture wearing mask is his wife, Fatima Rabago (Filipino-Spanish).

      One girl and one boy and anak nila.

      Yung girl pageant material din. I saw her billboard for a clothing brand for kids along Makati, may potential yung bata and at a very young age, ang haba ng legs!

      Fitness buff mag-asawa and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle!

    • Flor parang tumatakbo at umiikot sa loob ng iyong katawan ang ‘inner power’ ni Hideo Muraoka. Ha, ha, ha… Chos!

  5. I notice that majority of the covid positives are asymptomatic. I think we are winning against the virus. While vaccine is not yet available, we simply have to live with this virus, of course, still observing proper health protocol. No need to be afraid especially if you are young and have strong immune system. We just have to strengthen our immune system. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat balance diet, exercise regularly, live a healthy lifestyle, have a positive outlook in life, and most importantly, PRAY. I always tell myself, I am always stronger than covid, I am always stronger than my fear.

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