10 comments on “Beauty Queens: The I-Want Series

  1. I watched the first episode again
    Grabe talaga si Tito Norman, kuhang kuha si MU 1969

  2. I thought Pinoy movies were making a headway in terms of quality
    I remember watching Milan and Nassan Ka Man in ~~~2007 and they were pretty fast-paced.
    This first episode could have been summarized iinto a one minute scene . And just the whole idea of it all is archaic and insulting to the common sense . I’m not surprised the film industry is dead

  3. ErIk Matti and Jeffrey Jeturian are my modern day Pinoy directors .
    I don’t see the point of this series . It’s very elementary

  4. The movie is not glossy because it’s below-the-budget norm. I miss the kind of movies Joel Lamangan directs. So far, my favorite movie he directed is Sidhi. The setting is perfect and the acting of the stars was superb. Still, Joel Lamangan is one of the best directors in the Philippines.

  5. James Blanco is LOVE. 🙂

    Hindi maganda fit nu’ng jacket ni Sir Elvin…

    Hawk Nephew and Sparrow Niece. Cool!

    Congressman Arturo, you NEVER discuss politics with a pretty-sweet girl (sigh)!… While you were at it, “The Sound of Music” was unfolding – the Von Trapp family contemplating their flight to neutral Switzerland as Germany penetrates Austria…

    Too much melodrama. In reality, filthy-wealthy families don’t bother with each other anymore…

    • … and I hope this puts to rest any and all speculation that Teresita Ssen will try for Supranational.

      • Flor , I don’t se the point of her joining Supra . Universe yes , Supra or any other pageants no

  6. No wonder , Joel Lamangan is the Director . He is my least favorite Pinoy Director . I’ve never seen a Lamangan movie that I like It is usually very slow and cliched.

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