9 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: The ‘Beyond the Coastlines’ Videos you might have missed

  1. In this group , my favorite is Bulacan . I like the way she speaks . It is very clear . Hi

  2. sir norman. mawalang galang po. ban na ba mwp sa blog mo? 😅 joke lang po. i know you already posted mwp registration in your Facebook account. but how about on this blog? sensya na po. 😅

    • I blog about MWP regularly. It’s just that the engagement in terms of joining/filing is more active in FB and IG.

    • Sayang naman yung Ilocos
      Para sana go Europe – Italy of Spain – ang dating
      Di naman na-restore yung mga lumang houses

  3. VERY GOOD, MUPO! You saved the BEST for last….

    Perlyn Cayona, ZamSur. Unpretentious, intimate, personal, authentic, and down-to-earth. NO delusions of grandeur, whatsoever… Nagkudkod ng niyog na naka-mini… Ipinakain ang sapal sa babuy at kanding… Nagtahip ng bigas (Promise! Marunong ako niyan. Tinuruan ako nu’ng bata ako. Kasi dati, ‘yung bigas namin, may halo’ng ipa. Nakalimutan ko na lang kasi bigas namin ngayon, malinis na). Nagbayo… Sumakay sa kalabaw. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! 🙂

    Best Script goes to Capiz. …Empower others, and be empowered in return… Let you story begin… You have a tale to tell… Choose your experience, choose Capiz. Must-see! Must-return!

    Si Palawan, like Batangas before, nag-awra lang. (sigh) 😦

    Mr. Tinio, may error ‘yung kay Ilocos Sur, po. Won’t play…

      • @ Norman Yyaaayyy!! May pahabol-bonus track, pa. MisOr. 🙂

        Hindi ko na naabutan ‘yang malaki’ng Sacred Heart (?) of Jesus. But, MYGAWSH, ANG GANDA TALAGA ni Caroline Joy Veronilla! Ang FRESH. Parang bulaklak na kabubuka pa lang…. (puso).

        I read a story about Vigan City (Ilocos Sur). As the Japanese were retreating from the Allied advance, an officer who had befriended the Diocese (?) priest entrusted to the latter’s care his infant whom he sired with a Vigan lass… The foreigners had taken to the grand-opulent residences, and admired the “capiz” (room) dividers and windows, which reminded them of the translucent paper they used back home in their domestic furnishings.

        I went to Vigan City once, shortly after finishing High School. I was with my mother. I recall a grey-somber Calle Crisologo at high noon (very different from its gaudy image now), the BUMPY horse carriage ride through, and a “burnayan” (but this might have been Ilocos Norte, which we also…).

        “Pinakbet Farm” sounds FUN. The northwestern quadrant of Luzon has native plants and corresponding vegetable dishes I have seen and enjoyed nowhere else! It is a pity most only think of “bagnet”, “empanada”, “longganisa”, and “cornick” to bring back as “pasalubong”. Stay a week or so because it will take about that long to sample culinary delights best enjoyed on-site.

      • Ha, ha, ha… Gagah ka talaga Fabian. Syempre napakarami pang Pilipino ang sumasakay sa kalabaw. Wala naman silang kotse na gagamitin papunta sa sakahan. Hindi ito New York my dear. Scorg itong best friend mo talaga, may malaking EWAN. Hay na lang…

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