11 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: The ‘Beyond the Coastlines’ Videos you might have missed (Part 2)

  1. What are beyond the Philippine coastlines? Breathtaking sceneries and beautiful people celebrating their arts, culture, religion, vocation, leisure– their everyday life! This video collection is made all the more remarkable when we consider that the conceprualization and production were done by amateur filmakers– the MUP candidates themselves. For someone whose scheduled vacation to our isles has been postponed by this pandemic, the “Beyond the Coastlines” videos seem like teasers on the various places in the country worth visiting.

    • The carabao ride of Miss Zamboanga made me nostalgic about those times when we use to visit our coconut farm just to have a “Buko Picnic”. The highlight is a carabao-pulled sled ride while picking up the young coconuts harvested by our farm “kasama”.

      Yes, @Paul, the carabao has not been displaced by the tractor. Carabao English may have been displaced by texting, but the old reliable farmers’ best friend in the field is here to stay for so long as there are agricultural farms beyond the coastlines.

  2. I want to see the new MG before I make my prediction. If she looks as good as the pics below , then I am a k for her to get the crown
    For now , it’s Bella vs Alaiza
    Possible other contenders : Paula Pauline Billie Apriel Sandra and Sorsogon … Rabiya Kia …
    I still believe it’s anyone ‘s game .

    • @ Fabian Reyes Then await the images from the Pangasinan shoot (recent post).

      Weren’t you most concerned with her S-I-Z-E?

      Paula is probably just as B-I-G (and tall) as MG. But I find the Catalan-Filipina more endearing. 🙂

      • I don’t think Paula is as big as MG if you Base it on the runway challenge

  3. 4th runner-up- April smith
    3rd runner-up-alaiza malinao
    2nd runner-up- Michelle ugma so
    1st runner-up- Bella ysmael
    MUP2020- Pauline amelincx

  4. Mr. Tinio, Tracy is serving PLENTY of Leren freshness, po. Hanapan siya ng endorsement deal!

    Ang Air Force One, Sir Blogger, sakop ng Pasay City or Paranaque City?


  5. Christelle Needs to find the right make up ASAP.
    Make up is supposed to enhance one’s beauty
    Why is she a lot prettier without make up on ???

  6. It’s amazing how they were able to ‘sanitize’ these videos . Parang first world country ang dating ng Pinas . I don’t think Cebu Province Paranaque Sandra among others were able to do the same
    Pa say City has a very nice speaking voice
    Cebu City looks very classy
    Kalinga’s video wasted a lot of time …. with one scene- her monologue- constitutonb most of her presentation. But she’s very pretty

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