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    • Pics are good
      But when she talks , her facial features look Very very sharp .
      And the straight black hair emphasizes the sharpness all the more .
      I hope she finds the right styling before the coronation night .

  1. Wow! It seems that Justine Felizarta (may karehiyon) and her team are doing the right things in terms of her styling and packaging. I think she has become one of the favorites by the organization for the following reasons: level of intelligence, excellent communication skills and good behavior. And with the current styling/ packaging, she might get either the Bb. Pilipinas-Globe or the Bb. Pilipinas- Intercontinental title hoping that she will be able to outshine other girls during the finals (next year?).

    So here is my latest SANA outcome on the Bb. finals:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Vickie Rushton/Hannah Arnold,
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Maureen Montagne/Samantha Bernardo
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Justine Felizarta/Samantha Bernardo
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Hannah Arnold/Samantha Bernardo/Vickie Rushton/Justine Felizarta

    Runners Up: Patrizia Garcia, Carina Carino, Karen Mendoza, etc.

  2. Pretty….
    Her ancestors from Eastern Visayas doesn’t add anything impresssive to her background..
    Call me biased but I’ll still pick Patrizia over her…

    • C2f, she trounces Patrixia in terms of comm skills
      We know how important speaking skills are at Binibini …explaining why the likes of Resham and Sam Lo prevailed last yr
      I just hope they can soften Justine’s look

      • Yes, that’s because English is her 1st language… But does she have substance? Let’s see..

  3. Here’s the THANG, Mr. Tinio.

    And quite apparent in these photos – that tautness from cheekbones to chin AGES her. 😦

    Between Patrizia Garcia and herself, I feel only one will emerge with a crown. The YOUNGER, MORE FRESH-LOOKING, shall.

    She is Independent, no (neither A&Q nor KF)? She joins Basiano and Cartasano in that Cluster.

    I will persist to believe Mdme. SMA will EVENLY distribute the titles… As per @ bonsaihater, “our sakura girl will be from KF, the front-runner A&Q, and a favored Independent… will crown”. Similar

    Guys, OT. MUT 2020 will be 10-10-2020…. No idea if LIVE or virtual (or both). Abangan! 🙂

      • @ Fabian Reyes There are six (6) from A&Q at BBP 2020.

        They are Hannah, Carina, Karen Laurrie, Cinderella, Shaina (Rona, a Miss Millennial Philippines alumna), and Pat (Babista).

        Am unsure of Justine’s camp history, though…. And why she chose to go it alone this time.

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