23 comments on “The Twin Search is On for Miss World Philippines 2020/2021 and Mr World Philippines 2020/2021

  1. MWP till 28 years old?? Hhhmmm Kris Tiffany Janson can join!!!!!!!

    Calling Kris Tiffany, please join MWP!

    • You want an academicaly challenged boytoy to represent us at Mr. World?! K…

  2. MWP ba? Sali na kayo kase 7 na crowns/titles tapos madagdagan pa ng 8 yata. Sali na mga suki presyong divisoria… get get awww! (ala sex bomb dancers)

    • @ Adrienne Madali lang, ‘yan. Dagdagan ng “teen” counterpart si Miss Philippines Tourism.

      In an interview by Heyadamg, ALV said he advised Glyssa Perez to stand by… He will have an international assignment for her by next year.

      The “teen” titles, like Eco-Teen, will be a first for Filipinas national pageantry; none of the competitors – BPCI, Mutya, MPE, MUP – have a vehicle to foster incubation of what will be their future “senior” queens. Seen in this way, it could be a long-term investment-commitment to shareholders. There are SO MANY “teen” royalty in the Regions/Provinces! 🙂

      • @ Flor. Teen title first for Filipinas pageantry? I disagree. There were so many Philippine pageants before which catered to teenagers with teen titles. BPCI is the first organization in the Philippines to actually select Filipinas in their teens to compete in internationanal pageants.

      • @Flor. First “teen titles”? I disagree. There were so many national pageants before with “teen titles” . BPCI actually is the first organization to select teenage filipinas to compete abroad.

      • @ serge Yes, Mimilanie was only fifteen (15) when she was MI.

        But, even then, it was NOT “BBP-International Teen”.

        There have, indeed, been many DEDICATED TEEN pageants. The most prestigious, of course, was Miss Young International, which Manila hosted once and Mr. Tinio posted on before…

        But, just look at MUPO now… MUSA has MTUSA. Will JG et al launch MTUP? Has there ever been a MPET?

        The idea is for the local BIG’s to use the “junior” format to polish rough diamonds, NOT necessarily to compete on the international stage. But yes, this might not prove profitable…. 🙂


  4. I wish MWP org would drop all the other titles and concentrate on World and Supra (both the Ms. and Mr. editions)

  5. Twin search? Are they going to hold MsWP and MrWP simultaneously at the same venue?

  6. Hay naku another KALOKOHAN ni JM. Magpapadala ang Pilipinas ng gwapo, matipuno ang pangagatawan, may kakayahan namang magsalita at personalidad, HINDI PA RIN MANANALO. At yung mga nanalo sa Mr. WORLD MARAMI ang EWAN. Mas mabuti pa sa Mr. International, Manhunt International at sa iba na lang. Huwag masyadong seryosohin ang Mr. World ni JM, mapo-frustrate (& prostate) lang kayo dyan.

  7. Ipapadala ba si Robin Hanrath to compete abroad mas nauna pang mag compete si Denver Hernandez.

  8. Mr. Tinio, lahat naman, po, may “personality”. Did ALV mean to say he prefers extroverts?

    How to be “relevant”, po? May advocacy? Kasi, ‘yan ‘yata ang susuportahan ni Gerhard, if ever.

    ‘O, ayan! AT LEAST 5’4″. Kung bata-bata lang pala ako, puwede’ng-puwede. Wala naman’g restriction sa vital stats…. 🙂

    Blogger Master, question.

    Nu’ng last time nag-MrWP, may Fb fren ako (hindi na ngayon) na naging candidate (Suzie knows him, po). He said he was ineligible for the then Mister World to be hosted by Manila kasi the UK organization set a 26 age ceiling. My fren was 28 at the time… Anyway, nanalo nga si Jody Baines (he was 24 at the time?) but then when Mister World finally unfolded, we found out that some country reps were, in fact, more than 26! So, I got the impression that, well,… (beep!). Y? 😦

    • Tama ate flor!! Napatawa ako sa, “kung bata bata lang pla ako…at wala nga nman restrictions sa vital stats!!”😄😁😆

    • Flor, 29 years old na ang ceiling age for Mr World Philippines because of Supranational. Now about the guys who were already over 26 last year, it is likely that they were selected to represent their countries when they were just 26 or turning 26. Mr World after all, is not always consistent with their every-other-year staging.

      A person who has loads of personality does not necessarily equal an extrovert. And a natural extrovert does not always have the right personality when thrusted into the pageant spotlight.

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