12 comments on “Ashties Live Chat Series with Bella and Christelle

  1. This is a group of very articulate guys . They also look very classy , ‘sosyal ang dating ‘. I just don’t like the way they respond to criticisms . They don’t take it too well . That’s why I appreciate Tito Norman more than ever.

  2. 1. Si doktora ang MASARAP ASARIN dyan. Mag-react kaagad at hindi na mag-iisip pa. Siya rin yung gumagamit ng mga salitang ‘MEMA’ and the like. She has lowest EQ among the five.
    2. Madali ring maasar si Bessie, type ka lang nang type ng salitang kalamansi, kalamansi, kalamansi dahil galit yan si isang beauty contender na may surname na citrus fruit.
    3. Si Moks, pigil na pigil yan na maasar. He is really trying very hard no to be pissed off.
    4. Si Nigel ay cool lang but very boring ang personality on the screen. And NOT the typical progressive & critical UP graduate.
    5. Miguel being an HR practitioner is the coolest of them all. He has (I think) the highest EQ of the five.

  3. MORE THAN TWO (2) HOURS on a Sunday night, REALLY?!! 😦

    Ako, ‘pag Linggo kahit nu’ng bata pa ‘ko, lights out na at 2100H… Opening pa lang, very obvious this show is targeting the current youth demographic. One that apparently has sleep issues.

    SO MUCH TIME to greet/send shout-outs to their community! There has to be a way to do all that more succinctly.

    I now fully appreciate Moks’ sartorial vibe. The Adidas stripes was LOVE. Also liking “smiley” tee.

    Ang Nigel, GGSS. Kairita! Pero aminin. Boses pa lang, butis agad ang mga ghorls. 🙂

    • Flor. These guys don’t have Tito Norman ‘s temperAment . They easily feel slighted especially Bessie and Candy.

    • Typo, tuloy… “buntis”. I regret the error, Nigel baby… (puso).

      @ Fabian Reyes Promise! ‘Eto’ng henerasyo’ng ‘to, parang kung puwede lang,huwag na matulog.

      But it is, after all, a world quite different from the one you and I grew up in. Enjoys, all! 🙂

      • Lol
        Actually Nigel’s voice is a turn off for me . Why ? The moment u hear the voice , the first thing that comes out of your mouth is , “ Ay, bad-ng !” Hihihi

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