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  1. As of 7:00 PM nakaabot na ng 34 comments ang post na ito, mostly on the sagutan of Flor Tula and Fabian Reyes on the topics of sabong panlaba (ajax, tide, perla, mr. clean, bar soap o powder), beauty queens and their grammar proficiency, Gladys Duenas, etc.

    Going back to English grammar, If (ever) Bea Santiago and Kylie Versoza commit grammatical flaws at least hindi halata.


    Maxine Medina and Gazini Ganados, EWAN ko na lang. Many of our current contenders need to go a grammar review school.

    • Why don’t you watch Bea’s and Kylie’s interviews online and see what you think . I hate to compare these queens but Pia is on a completely different level. The MUO would not have let her win if they didn’t have the confidence in her speaking ability.

    • Why don’t you watch Bea’s and Kylie’s interviews online and see what you think . I hate to compare these queens but Pia is on a completely different level. The MUO would not have let her win if they didn’t have the confidence in her speaking ability.

  2. Tito Norman,
    I just wish you had asked them about their early childhood .. and Family and educational background . I would like to know more about the candidates

  3. I think ancestry gives a girl a greater chance of winning since Nepotism has always been part of our culture… Ex. Megan is an Domingo Ursua descendant pero late na nalaman… Catriona is a Bartolome Maghayon descendant (Instead of Magnayon).. Patrizia Garcia is also a Roxas-Arroyo-Ureta descendant…. Sobrang malayo nga lang compaired to Bella Yshmael and Margie Moran… and I don’t think Patrizia knows that she is one… but if her lineage would be discovered by BPCI just like Pia’s(Gregorio Alonzo descendant)… I’m sure she also has a great chance of winning..

      • @ Norman Mr. Tinio, are you perhaps related to General Tinio, after which the town that hosts the Minalungao River in Nueva Ecija is named? 🙂

        If so, do your utmost to convince your young PRETTY relative to give pageantry a go. She’ll win!

        As for that river, go watch KMJS…. But, I might have mentioned it here before… or sa “kabila”.

      • General Tinio, I was told, is a Great Great Grandfather of mine. Our Tinio clan is descended from the revolutionary side, Flor.

      • @ Norman WOW. Palaban! Just like the Taruc Binibini (from Tarlac, no?).

      • @Flor

        The Taruc clan which is minor branch of the Kapampangan Principalia may have it’s ups and downs.. starting w/ Political figure Luis Taruc, a former leader of the Hukbalahap… I wonder how was his relationship w/ Manuel Roxas who was captured in 1942 by the Japanese invasion forces. He became chief advisor to José P. Laurel, but secretly sympathetic to the guerrilla movement… Meanwhile, broadcaster Joe Taruc and his 3 sons seem to have made a good impression in the Mainstream Media Industry.. I guess that good juju would trickle down to Franchesca for her to make the TOP 15…

  4. @ Fabian Reyes …. Mimilanie? 🙂

    Aaa—hahhahah…!! Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung “Superwheel” at “Mr, Clean”. Taena, dude, tanders na talaga tayo. Ajax laundry detegent in bar form. Ta’s, sa tindahan, bibili ng “tingi” (putol). 🙂

    “Ajax” is a brand of Colgate-Palmolive, which closed its Philippines operations permanently about fifteen (15) years ago. Before that, I had the chance to visit its then-Asia Regional Technical Center (ARTC) in Makati City, just across the street leading to the Pasig River from the present Rockwell Power Plant Mall (yep! It’s been re-purposed.). All CP products now on store shelves in the country are made in neighboring countries like Thailand. Economies of scale and trade liberalization-globalization made their business here no longer profitable. Yup, folks lost their jobs…

    “Tide” is the detergent brand of Procter & Gamble, which also makes “Downy” (MUP sponsor). The only other multinational competitor of comparable scale still operating here is Unilever. Even then, some products have been subcontracted. Direct manufacturing (own factory) is costly, now.

    You and I are now old enough to appreciate these changes. And of course, our dear Mr. Blogger.

    • Lol
      I was a little disappointed in Pat.
      She has the tendency to use vague words and grammar issues are quite prominent . However , Bea Santiago and Kylie Versoza won MI despite their limited language proficiencies . So who knows?

      • @ Fabian Reyes Bea Santiago is Canadian, right? Kylie was a Pre-school teacher, I think…

        Huwag ka! Si Cinderella, “INDOMITABLE”. Kahit si Blogger Tinio, nalokah. 🙂

        Imo, Pat’s is just an issue of delivery. Hers can be polished with enough time and drilling.

      • Flor, I like both Bea and Kylie
        Bea’s English is fraught with grammatical errors but her confidence makes up for it .
        Kylie on the other hand is a terrible interviewee. She cannot respond to questions articulately

    • Flo r , Tide is the standard here in the US.
      Didn’t Lea Salonga endorse Ajax back in the day ? I remember her washing clothes with her hands using Ajax bar soap. Wala na bang bar soap sa Pinas?

      • @ Fabian Reyes Meron pa’ng bar soap. “Perla”, naaalala mo? Meron pa rin! Panligo pa… 🙂

        Ooooh…, G-loria D-iaz. Honga, no? I hope Mr. Tinio doesn’t see that in a bad way. I don’t.

        Ba’t ko ba naisip si Gladys Duenas? She was BBP-International 1995 and was MI 1995 Top 15 placer. Also, she was a Miss Pagadian. An unadorned photo of hers on Fb gives a combination of Billie Hakenson and Kim Crizaldo. Hhhmmmm…. I said before that Crizaldo (MUP-Iloilo) could try for International. Perhaps she could eventually cross-over to BBP… Some of the less “aggressive” MUP candidates have recently FLEXED by releasing “pasavogue’s”.

      • Flor , I don’t think Tito Norman sees the comparison as a compliment . Why ? I tried to post the comparison multiple times with no success . I had to use GD to get that in .observe the diction and the intonation .. even the choice of words

  5. There are girls who can converse well in English like Bella who is from a mixed well-to-do family .. and Aklan who was raised in the US. Then there is Shamcey Patch and Nicole who are super smart .
    Those who have a different background should be encouraged to use Filipino . The interview sounds a lot better when they speak the language they are comfortable with

    • @ Fabian Reyes U watched “Ashtie Nights” episode last night, w/ Bella & Christelle as guests?

      You are referring, here, to Gabby and Honey, of “different background”? Didn’t they use Tagalog in answering the questions and addressing Vlogger? Yes, it DID sound better, didn’t it? 🙂

      Did Patrizia and Cinderella sound more “super smart” or “well-to-do” because they spoke in Anglais? Patrizia, we know, is loaded. She was included in that CNA report on the “undesirable” face of pageantry in Philippines. She was supposed to be the well-funded counterfoil to the struggling Mercedes Pair…. Cinderella, well, at the very least is gainfully employed (refer to my comments in the previous post on this exact same subject – PageantryNormsEpisode#6).

  6. Flor , which beauty queen reminds you of Tito Norman? I mean interns of diction and intonation . Even the way he opens his mouth ?

  7. Tide na ba Sikat sa Pinas ? Tanda ko nung bata Ako ang sabi ng nanay ko , ‘ Bili ka nga ng Ajax’

  8. All of them are pretty. Cindy and Gab are both charming and sweet. Patrizia has a good command of English language and I like the train of her thoughts. But for me, Cindy and Gab have the chances of winning the crowns.

  9. I normally don’t fall asleep without taking sleeping pills . But within 15 min of watching this video , I fell asleep and did not wake up until 3h later .
    So I will watch this on my way to the store. I would like to ask Tito Norman to encourage the girls to talk in the language they are most comfortable with . I praise Basiano for sounding the most natural. I think she’s the only with the international potential among the three.

    • @ Fabian Reyes You are studying for exams, as of late. Contributing to drowsiness.

      The first 15 minutes, what can be done? Mr. Tinio normally (pun unintended) begins with the individual guest introductions… It might be rude to ask the guests to “make it quick!”. Should he limit guest lists to four (4), as in this episode and the previous one (#5, with MG, Billie, Pauline, & Paula)?

      And he does want to leave the discussion as impromptu as possible even though he clearly has an outline in mind… With you, this would probably end up more boring-dragging if he made it any more structured.

      But yeah. I find anything more than an hour intimidating. That being said, I am still GRATEFUL to Boss Blogger for the weekly effort. Like I said before, it is NOT easy putting together substantial (read : not just fun and games) and original content week-after-week on top of daily chores!

      You missed that Gabby is 1st Runner-up Ms. Friendship International? Tito Dude even says he would have preferred that she had won… BUT, I’m quite puzzled why Honey’s participation at another international China-based pageant after her first BBP stint (2017 or ’18?) was not brought up… I even found out about it on his FB page! 🙂

      • Flor, I commend Tito Norman for providing us some form of entertainment . That’s why I am giving it another chance when I am awake enough to watch it . I think it’s not the video but rather the Hangover effect of the sleep aid I took last night .

        I know Basiano did well in that international pageant . She is beautiful with a very strong personality so it is hard to not notice her . As for Honey , I think Tito Norman did not want to touch that ‘painful’ part of Homey’s pageant journey . Layla may slap her with that question but not him . That’s why he is the most beloved pageant personality in the country.

      • @ Fabian Reyes ‘O, ‘di ba? FRESHNESS, daw, is what sets her apart from the other three?


        ‘Ay, ‘yun pala’ng Robert Hamilton sa CTS, HAWT. I saw swimwear photos. Though clearly not tall or bulky-imposing, he delivers on the SMOLDER. I just am unsure how CTS org will see this…

      • Flor , those guys are super ripped . It will boil down to who gives the best answer

  10. Your Honor, I abstain from relationships but watch BL series…. lolz. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, GALING ng sagot ni Gabby, po. “Mas pipiliin ko ang funny kaysa sa masipag. Kasi, masipag na ako. Matuturuan/matutulungan ko siya maging masipag. Pero, ‘yung sense of humor ng tao, hindi ‘yun lagi nakikita/lumalabas”. Very witty!

    I wasn’t prepared for Cinderella’s “freedom of speech” gift. The others were expected – Patrizia’s TIME, Honey’s HEALTH, and Gabby’s KINDNESS. Seems Catriona’s feisty mind left a strong impression on Miss CDO. Love in the time of SARS-Cov2, nga naman….

    Sino po ‘yang guy sa screenshot? Si Direk? Hawig ni JG.

    HALA! ALAM KO NA ‘YUNG SURPRISE EPISODE # 7…. Buon compleanno, in advance, Boss!

  11. sir norman how about a virtual video to madamme sma hehe. or how about kelly day since september na ang miss eco?

    • @ jed Next month na? Napaaga? Lifted na ang travel ban to and from Egypt, po?

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