11 comments on “Pageantry Norms: Episode #6

  1. Sabi Ng taga insider taga floral team for sure ang Sakura girl natin. The fave fr aces might get intercon. Also an independent fave

    • @ Kimi95 Rushton for Yokohama, Arnold is the A&Q fave. Independent is…. Gab. 🙂

  2. just watched this at the tpp then stopped a while. kaloka. napagkamalan kong si pauline si gab. when i visit this post again si gab nga pala yon haha. nakakaloka. i wish they both joined in a same pageant. they are really sisters facially. anyway. i wish na meron na ding mwp candidates para naman may makasama sa kanila bawat episodes.

    • @ jed We have now also watched the MUP side, with Billie, Pauline, and Paula.


      Now we’ll see on which side lies the BRAINS. 🙂

  3. “Once a Bibibini, Twice a Binibini”. The title of this episode appears to me a bit intriguing. What does it mean?

    • @ scorg Cindy and Gab are first-timer Binibini’s (“once”).

      Patrizia and Honey are on their second attempt (“twice”).


      • @Flor: is that it? I always hear people mouthing “Once a Binibini, always a Binibini”, which is actually a non sequitur due to rampant crossovers. Hearing for the first time the “once a Binibini, twice a Binibini” makes me think there must be a deeper meaning to it.

  4. Tito Norman, pls do not forget interesting questions especially about their family education and job .
    Skipping questions on their advocacies will be very much appreciated

    • @ Fabian Reyes Cinderella works at the (provincial/city?) Tourism Office but currently assists as a SARS-Cov2 front-liner. Patrizia, I missed where exactly but she is also a government employee.

      Patrizia speaks quite well! She got her Bachelor’s degree in Education Psychology from DLSU-Taft and is currently working on her Master;s for Public Administration at UP. I WILL SEND HER TO MY DEAR SWEET ANGKOL. SHE GIVES PLENTY OF LIZ CLENCI VIBES!

      As you advised, Mr. Tinio refrained from asking them about their advocacy.

      Fun fact : Honey likes to sing a ‘la Ann Curtis.


  5. Granted the Suprafilipinas franchise is gone for good from BPCI, therefore effectively making Mdme. SMA’s earlier declaration of “five (5) titles” (now) meaningless, and these were the Final 4 (and assuming no replacement title is negotiated by the time BBP 2020-21 Final happens), I would…

    BBP-International > Cinderella of A&Q. As I said before, she is the embodiment of the “Sakura Nymph” that delightfully awakens drunken men who doze off after a night-long drinking spree on hanami night. Her job is to remind them to get back to work, so the Japanese economy won’t contract.
    BBP-Grand International* > Patrizia of KF. I believe she is the best-spoken, here. Her semblance to Clarissa Molina could be exploited.
    BBP-Intercontinental > Honey Grace, Independent. Wala ako’ng masabi. #cartasanongcrownkeri. 🙂
    BBP-(The)Globe > Gabrielle Camille, Independent. The closest Nias “Biday” Pilar can get to Hannah Arnold.

    * – another assumption is Aya Abesamis is out of the picture. ‘Eto’ng apat lang!

    Mr. Tinio, here’s my question for them, po. – What is one gift ANYBODY will appreciate?

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