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  1. Let’s not forget that the very Filipino Mauro Lumba… is is one of the most succesful winners of this pageant after their reign….while the rest of the Caucasian looking winners are again unknown after their short-lived fame… well except for John Spainhour who dissapointingly represented us at Mr. World.

  2. Flor hindi naiintindihan ni Fabian Reyes kung bakit mga MUKHANG PACIFIC ISLANDER ang karaniwang paborito/nananalo sa Century Tuna Superbods. Majority ng tuna (skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye, etc) na nilalagay sa loob ng mga lata ng Century Tuna ay galing sa South Pacific. Many Filipino fishermen have crossed the international waters just to be able to catch tuna because wala nang malalaking tuna sa Sarangani Bay. This is one of the reasons kung bakit maraming nakakulong na Filipino fishers sa Indonesia. MAHIRAP nang masyadong mestizo/mestiza ang mananalo sa CTS dahil baka mapagkamalang Norwegian Salmon ang laman ng lata. He, he, he…

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados You have unwittingly brought up a HOT BUTTON topic for the pageant organization. 🙂

      I had the WONDERFUL privilege of witnessing “tulingan” (frigate tuna) evade our motorized outrigger canoe one sunny morning many years ago now at Lingayen Gulf. Back when the fisheries was still abundant, ALL manner of salt-water creature was hauled in – shark, sawfish, rays, squid, even the TROPHY marlin whose “sword” was kept as a curiosity to regale guests at endless-nightly drinking sprees at the beach under moon- and star-light.

      All that is now a memory. The last time I checked the waters at low tide, the gentle waves brought in a weak-dying seahorse. Old age? Disease? Cyanide poisoning? Dynamite? I’ll never know…

  3. so joanna Eden did made it? Joanna really has potential. her performances in supra lacks energy. During bbp screening bet ko sya non for MU. her bbp performances looks more better than supra performances. maybe. she was sent to a wrong pageant that time. But i am hoping that she will try one more time in mwp. tapos paano pag supra sya mapanalunan nya 😅 just like christy during bbp she won intercon again.

    • @ jed According to Mr. Tinio in a past comment to the same query, Eden no longer showed up at the February Callback.

      • Joanna was supposed to be in the Final Callback. I reckon that she begged off in favor of something personal in nature.

  4. This is the stuff that makes male pageantry not so successful in the Philippines . They choose a boyish Pacific Islander with no sex appeal at all on top . At least 4 of the top choices above embody this .
    And why is Sam Lo not on the list

    • Ha, ha, ha… Isa lang nakapasa sa panlasa ni Fabian sa mga lalaki. Sa babae wala dahil hindi kasama sa Sam Lo. He, he, he… Madaling araw na jan sa New York, dapat natutulog ka na.

    • @ Fabian Reyes I saw Sam Lo’s video. Here’s THE THING, and it’s NOTHING.

      She brings NOTHING NEW to the table. She introduced herself much as she did at BBP 2019. Between her “fall from grace” at the MGI incident and now, she looks, sounds, feels unchanged. Not that she needs to. But, I frankly was expecting ELSE-MORE. After everything she endured, you would expect a wiser vibe… I got none. 😦

      The younger Bondad registers D-O-R-K-Y. He’ll be lucky if he can duplicate Koya Clint’s 1st Runner-up finish… That being said, I am happy to assure you that from what little I know of this derby, biracial-Western-facial-featured guys have consistently placed in the Final Cut. Proof are Jon Mullaly (the Irish-Pinoy who briefly appeared on ABS-CBN soap operas), Cristine Reyes’ ex (whom I think was of Arab-Filipino extraction), and a Dutch/Danish-Pinoy (year I forgot) who wasn’t very muscular, just lean-toned and with PRISTINE skin! After all, isn’t a flawless complexion one of the rewards of a fitness-focused lifestyle? 🙂

      • Christine’s ex was actually Persian-Filipino since his father is Iranian.

    • Oh wow, I never even considered the ethnicity/race as an important factor, Fabian. After all, the focus is on the meat of a finalist’s advocacy and not the skin. Honestly, I was close to not including Kirk Bondad in this list. But with continuous exposure on TV during the entire quarantine period (thanks to a national TVC of a liquid detergent that became a constant household watch from day till night) and his actually engaging self in person, he still deserves to be there.

  5. Kalokah ka, Blogger Dude! You orchestrated that recent Fb addition of mine, no? Aminin… Kasi, kahit du’n sa “kabila”, si fafa din ang peg. 🙂

    I am honored, really! Thank you and please extend my warmest greetings to the affected party, lol.

    Malcolm Mostoles was for me a PLEASANT SHOCK. Very down-to-earth and amiable.

    Kathleen Paton, we here love her. BUT,… she registers tad soft-pageant-y and not “fitness-tough” enough. Pero, OK lang if she ends as Runner-up. After all, she ‘s still young and we want her to go to a BIG… Mr. Tinio, naalala ko tuloy, kumusta na po si (Anjamie) Magbitang?

    Ramos and Picardal are KEWL. But, I gravitate more to the latter than the former right now.

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