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    • @ bonsaihater I agree. 🙂

      I hope I got wind of an accurate piece of info… MSO ALSO raised their age ceiling to 29 (like MI to offset the year lost to SARS-Cov2)? I’m not saying Alaiza is already tanders… But, if MUO thinks she lacks the intellectual prowess to be MU, in any case she fully deserves to be granted the chance to compete internationally. If MSO is, indeed, willing to extend assistance to the advocacy and beneficiaries of the Suprafamily, then Davao’s “women in agriculture” battle cry might just get the attention it needs.

      May pinu-push na hindi nakapag-MUP dahil sa show business commitments… She’s wonderful, too. But, she has already won an international crown, in fact. Give others a chance, po. Besides, dapat ba’ng lagi na lang artista? If ALV does so, then it will confirm that he is playing safe by a reluctance to crown non-show-business-rooted candidates. That in other words, he’s all money.

  1. What a downer! After proudly announcing the forward-looking tagline “Aspirational. Inspirational” Miss Supranational immediately followed the bravado by raising the white flag! It gave up before it even started substantiating its brand promise! How else to take this message of retreat: that holding the pageant in 2020 “is not a risk that we are prepared to take and we do not feel 2020 is a good time for an international event with so many participating countries”. How can the brand be a harbinger of aspiration and inspiration when its very first message is a defeatist outlook. It should have postponed its brand-building announcement in 2021 too.

    • They should get inspiration from their reigning queen, Antonia Porsild, who, despite the pandemic, still making rounds doing charitable works.

    • So what happened to the lofty “From the ground up” intro to their tagline? Grounded too soon? Is it now “From the ground down (to the bunker)”. How expirational!

  2. Actually Flor LAHAT ng matatalo sa MUP (including runners up), pwedeng sumali sa MWP including Mateo. Kung ako si Rabiya sasali ako dahil wala namang batas na nagbabawal sa akin. Kahit MAGALIT pa ang Miss Iloilo Organization. After all, MWP offers 7 titles.

    Yung mga natalo sa Miss Philippines Earth pwede rin silang sumali MWP. Pwede pa ba si Pat Santos at Shane Tormes? He, he, he… MUKHANG ang HINDI lang PWEDE SUMALI ay yung mga taga-Bb. Pilipinas dahil baka sabay sila sa January or sa summer pa next year (March, April or May). Unless of course kung mag-back out sila sa BPP and jump to MWP. How about ang Mutya, kelan sila? Yung matatalo sa MUP, MWP, MPE ay pwede ring sumali as long as their ages are still clarified. Rigodon lang ang peg. Ikot, ikot, ikot (parang ruta ng UP jeep). He, he he…

    • @ paul Naka-kontrata sila Rabiya et al…. They’re bound to MIlo(2x) org for a year or so….

      And speaking of MIlo(2x), Keshapornam Ramachandran might finally do good on giving Nationals another go… next year.

      Pat Santos is (going) 28 and reportedly bent on preparing for the 2021 (Law) Board. Shane is 28 this year, ‘ata. The five (5) Runners-up of MPE 2020, I am unsure if they signed contracts and if so how many months.

      I personally want Cassandra Chan of Negros Occidental, THE BALLERINA before Bella appeared.

      Of course, there’s Sirene Sutton, Celeste Cortesi, Ahtisa Manalo, Steffi Aberasturri, Sharifa Akeel, and…. THE-EVER-OH-SO-ELUSIVE-YOU-WONDER-KUNG-SERYOSO’ng Daisha Jimenez!

    • … ‘andito na rin lang, dagdagan ko na, po.

      Miss Millennial Ph alumnae Alana Rhedey (her Miss Baguio tenure is 2019-20, no?) and eager-beaver McDonnell (whom @ Fabian Reyes might find a tad wordy).

      Miss Chinatown Philippines Marie Que (from Mindanao), Pojas of PMAP, and Khrystelle Campos of UP and wants-to-follow-in Atty.-Magtanong’s-footsteps.

      Another one I likey is Donna Erno, Saniata ti Ilocos Sur.

      And the lesbian (?) from Tagum City, DavNor. Forgot her name. She was supposed to ask help from her LGU to come to Manila… I hope MWP could do on-line Screening, like ME-Indonesia.

    • ERRATUM: are still QUALIFIED. Sorry for that. Flor how about rescinding the contract. For example, kung wala naman siyang makukuhang malaking pakinabang dun sa kontrata. At napakarami pang limitation sa kanyang paggalaw at pwede pa niyang gawin. Di ba mabuti pang ipa-cancel na lang at sali na sa ibang pageant. He, he, he…

    • @Paul/ @Flor: “Fresh Filipinas for the World”, remember? My simple mind tells me MWP excludes recycled and crossover beauties. Only the fresh picks, the new arrivals… LOL!

      • Scorg ALV told Adam Genato (in an interview) that he (is open) accepts previous titleholders to join MWP. So it can still be (considered) fresh – FRESH PROJECT, FRESH MANDATE. He, he, he…

  3. Another casualty of pandemic this year. So sad. I am looking forward to their promise which is to return stronger than ever before. But I am really disappointed at the moment.

  4. Mr. Tinio, ANOTHER open-ended (read : undated) contract! EXACTLY WHEN does MWP’s Suprafilipinas franchise take effect? 2020-21 or 2021-22, po?

    Kasi, halimbawa at alam naman natin na usually ay Winter ang Supra (ostensibly due to bargain rates on hotels and such due to tourism low season) at considering Europe which has now largely unlocked though pockets are considering re-locking… will as early as now put into place measures to minimize if not prevent the anticipated SARS-Cov2 second wave due to the cold… then January 2021 and December 2021 sounds doable…. Parang MU 2016 (January 2017 in Manila), then 2017 December in the USA… BPCI can crown the 2020-21 rep and MWP the 2021-22 rep. Ganu’n ba?

    @ paul Since MUP is 25 October, puwede’ng-puwede na mag-cross-over sina Ortega, Ysmael, and your bet Markwalder… HUWAG MO NA PLEASE IPAGPILITAN SI RABIYA KASI ALAM NAMA NATIN NA MIlo(2x) ORG ALREADY HAS A DIFFERENT REP FOR MWP.

    Who among us wanted Galeria for Supra? PUWEDE! Taob si Jihane, IF EVER. 🙂

    Guys, look at that last photo with Anntonia and Nate. Sino nakikita niyo? Ako, Robin Hanrath and among the current Binibini’s (if BPCI still has one more year to go on their franchise) Sam Ber, Jash Dim, Car Car, or Gab Bas. Sam Ber, as @ Fabian Reyes said, has the requisite DRAMA for a memorable stage performance, while the last three are UTTER FRESHNESS SANS MAKE-UP.

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