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  1. Napakaunfair mo nmang tao para idown si Pia just because you think na hindi sya deserving to win the award. Hindi mo nman dpat icompare si Pia kina Rachel at Cat because of her commskills and accent. Pia earned that award kasi she is full of humility and sincerity. She is working hard and thats why madaming sponsors ang gusto sya. Until now si Pia d nkklimot sa mga taong sumuporta sa knya. As you can see hanggang ngayon nandyan pa din sya kasi blessed sya. I love Cat but as time goes by para something is off. Nasa na ang pagiging greatful na sinasabi nya? Nasan na yung mga taong tumulong sa knya during her pageant days? After nya manalo nag lilo sa socmed. Ni parang d man lng naalala. Parang gusto ko na maniwala kay Mariel de Leon. Pia is the best Miss Universe.

      • Flor , does that include not taking selfies with fans … something she eagerly did while campaigning for MU?
        Something is vile behind that sweet persona, I don’t know.

      • @ Fabian Reyes … of all the folks who contributed to Catriona’s MU journey, it is Jearson Demavivas that resonates with me. I really hope we will see him again in pageant jobs. 🙂

  2. Pia’s travel show does not pull up when you simply type in Wurtzbach on YouTube .
    You have to enter Pia’s postcards or metro style to get it

    . I just finished watching her South Korea episode . Oh boy , it made want to go to Seoul and Busan this fall or winter !!
    Great job, Pia !

  3. Great host
    Her personality has no expiration . Humble spontaneous and very likable

  4. Amazing show.
    If u haven’t seen it , pls do .
    It’s very colorful
    I’m hoping for more episodes

  5. Pia deserves the award. I like her enunciation. I also love the way she projects infront of the camera. The charms that she bought before competing for MU 2015 and while shooting for the latest episode of the travel show in Japan did bring good luck to her because She won the 2015 MU title and 2021 Best Travel Show host.

  6. I don’t see much problems with Pia’s communication skills at all. Congratulations Pia! You go gurl!

  7. Pia deserves the award. She’s good, sounds natural and fun to watch. Best Host naman ang award. Maging critical kayo if the award is best in English. She can express well and that’s what matters more.

  8. If someone thinks Pia’s English is not sufficient , he has a problem . Just watch her interviews and read her IG/Facebook messages … and you will be satisfied . Her English is definitely better than most pageant girls who similarly grew up in the Philippines without the benefit of a Poveda education .
    Of course Cat and Rachel are better because they grew up abroad
    Of. Course Laura Lehman is better because of her family and educational background

    But Pia Who was born in Germany and spent most of her life in the Philippines did not even have a high school diploma . And look at the way she talks . I am in deep awe!

    Pia , u r my Miss U regardless of what other people say.

  9. Even MAGGIE WILSON is also BETTER than Pia when it comes to TV hosting. Si Pia ag daming grammatical errors and YET hindi kino-correct or nako-correct ng production team doing that show for Metro Channel.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Perhaps it was deliberately left as is by the Team to make Pia sound more relatable, po? 🙂

      Sweetie, just tell Cornerstone to pick the pace up so they won’t be left biting Pia’s dust…

      … and it’s not Pia’s fault she’s taking off. ENOUGH WITH THE COMPARISON, TI PREGO! 😦

  10. I appreciate the way Pia talks . It’s full of humility and honesty . U can tell she is really a people person … that she is not doing it just for the show . And for someone who grew up poor in the Philippines , her comm skills both in Filipino and English are amazing !

    • Hoy Fabian i-review mo si Pia sa kanyang grammar para magkaroon ka naman ng silbi sa idol mo.

  11. First of all, GREAT view of Viet rooftops in the first photo. Kudos to fotog!

    I skipped the New York… In the (second) Japan episode, Pia says tradition is important for her… Now, for people like her who may have relocated many times in their life, how is it possible because do we not associate tradition with ROOTS, BEING IN ONE PLACE ALMOST YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?

    And when you travel so much, do you not eventually become so global that your native identity (Filipino or whatever) no longer matters?

    In any case, sake brewer Hayato Hyuga is CUTE. Mr. Tinio, he reminds me of the even-more-cute Ryuichi Sekigeuchi…. 🙂

    If I could live in Japan forever, I would love to work at a koi farm. Imagine being the only girl in a far-off rural town… Like Smurfette (but Vanity Smurf is proof that she could have competition). But guys in such a facility are mostly on the old side… but really, I should stick to men my age. Hihih.


    Rachel in the BEACHED (with Mark Nelson) is very at ease in conversing with Mark & other guests. She sounds very natural and spontaneous as opposed to Pia who OFTEN sounds TENTATIVE & a bit REHEARSED. Pia also commits numerous grammatical FLAWS while hosting.

    Catriona is also way more SUPERIOR in pageant, program or stage hosting to Pia. The former is always energetic, high-spirited and vibrant while hosting whether on the center stage or at the back stage. In other words, Catriona is more dynamic and very comfortable facing & communicating with the people as compared to Pia who (again) sounds a little scripted, rehearsed and often times unsure on stage.

    Sino ba ang nakalaban ni Pia sa travel hosting category at siya ang nanalo? He, he, he…

    • @ paul …then why is Pia getting these citations and not Catriona?

      Cornerstone, ANO NA?!


  13. Congrats , Pia!
    My Miss Universe , anyway .
    This is your call to do more shows!

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