8 comments on “Miss World 2020/2021: Officially now

  1. Such a discouraging announcement from Julia Morley. I hope other international pageants would still hold virtual competitions just like Miss Earth.

  2. It is disappointing for international pageant organizations to skip the 2020 staging of their annual search and mount it towards late 2021. These organizations’ core business is to present to the global audience an annual search– emphasis on the word annual– as all carry a specific year as part of the title. We all know the difficulties this pandemic impose on holding a spectator event like a beauty pageant. But why was ME able to mount a national pageant and now boldly faces up to the challenge of an international pageant? An organization with a solid sense of purpose, and enough arsenal of ingenuity, determination, and technological savvy, cannot just be cowed by a roadblock. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty. A pandemic should not stop the world from celebrating beauty one way or another. There must be other ways, like a virtual pageant.

    • If European and American spectator-less sporting events can be held live on TV or for on-demand viewing, why can’t a beauty pageant? This is the most opportune time for pageantry to let the world experience “Beauty with a purpose”, “Confidently beautiful”, “World peace”, “Eco Angels”, “Aspirational. Inspirational”, and all other brand promises. Who is beautiful enough to meet the challenge head-on?

      • Looks like Miss Earth is the only one that is adaptable to changes. Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International still wants to go for tradition and stage a pageant for the world to see.

      • @reyesjess77 and @Flor: progressive mainstream businesses do not sacrifice the pleasure of serving their customers by tenaciously clinging to their traditional business mode. As no pandemic should come in the way of sustaining a business, most of them are able to circumvent the difficulties. Aren’t the work-from-home, home deliveries, webinars, online learning, zero-audience made-for-TV live sporting events, on-demand concerts, online payments, etcetera the new modalities? As BDO says: “We find ways”. Proactive businesses shuld be able to leverage on technology and even change their business model to adapt to the New Normal. I don’t see why international pageantry cannot. MUP, MEP and MSA are showing the way.

    • @ scorg Could it simply be that MEO can afford it and the others can’t? Meaning, virtual.

      Then it begs a question – what has ME done THUS FAR to allow it this luxury?

      But, let’s stay on course and dissect MW, the subject of this post. According to Mr. Tinio, either Thailand or presumably home-base UK will host. China, I think we can agree, is out of the question. 🙂

      Is it possible MWO is awaiting “favorable political-economic winds” before they give it the green light? After all, the Oxford vaccine is anticipated to be among the first to roll out, courtesy of Astra Zeneca.

      As for Thailand, well, we all know they can be deft diplomatic acrobats….

  3. Tatanghaling Miss World 2020 ba ang mananalo? Or Miss World 2020/2021? Kung yung huli, magkakaroon pa ba ng patimpalak sa 2021? or Miss World 2022 na agad?

  4. Yaman rin lang at pararausin muna ng MIO ang Tokyo Summer Games bago sila mag-pageant sa Yokohama City sa Oktubre, mabuti pa JUST SACRIFICE-SKIP THE ENTIRE 2020 season at mag-resume na lahat sa Fall-Winter 2021, as is the custom. Referring to BIG’s.

    Guys, ano’ng balita sa bakuna? ‘Yung sa Oxford, start pa lang ng Phase 2 trials… May nabalitaan ako’ng isa pa, but not sure kung saan… Athletes and beauty kweens will need to get it!

    Ano’ng nangyari kay Aishwarya? Nagka-Covid siya, tapos? Nahawa family niya? Ta’s, gumaling?

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