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  1. I just wonder if this branding of Miss Supranational was being thought by the organization long time ago or just conceived upon observing the initiative of Porsid. Or perhaps, somebody from Miss Supranational got the idea after watching the latest episode of Pageantry Norms. He he

    • Do u know how big Scorg’s head is now ? First it’s Tito Norman. Now, it’s the Supranational Org

      • @fabian. It so happen that scorg’s has been giving logical comments about pageant’s branding and majority agree.

      • I’m sorry, but this is not something to make my head swell by. I’m happy that pageantry is catching up with what most progressive businesses are doing. I’m sure branding is an idea that has long been percolating in the NDs’ heads but never got the time to seriously go into it. Now that the pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of pageant organizations without an empowering brand, everybody now see the urgency to have a brand. It’s too presumptous of me to claim I influence anyone. Through this blog, I just am sharing the knowledge and the skills I learn from my profession. If there is a covergence of ideas with Sir Norman or anybody else, that just means we are equally committed to the development of the pageantry industry.

      • Fabian, what’s wrong with moving forward and leaving the old school of pageantry behind? It’s not like the pageant organizations – like Miss Supranational or MUP or even Miss South Africa – are doing this to kill the brand. I am in my 50s and would really like the see a great evolution of pageantry even before I retire or reach my twilight years – whichever comes first. 🙂

      • I remember in one comment in the past, @Fabian said that “advocacy will kill pageantry”. With due respects, I say: advocacy in fact redeems pageantry. Seeing the tell-tale signs of the downward slide to obsolescence, as evidenced by the helplessness of most organizations to operate during this pandemic, pageantry’s only survival hope is a robust and resilient brand-driven innovation strategy. This involves leveraging on technology, even modifying its business model, to relentlessly serve its hordes of followers. As MUP, MSA and MEP has proven, the celebration of beauty continues even in the midst of this cruel pandemic. With a little bit of marketing savvy, their pageant brands actually attract reputable corporate sponsors. Pageantry has two facets: entertainment and platform for development and action. In this volatile environment nowadays, it is the latter that will spell the difference between survival and extinction.

  2. Norman (please) i-feature mo naman si Samantha Bernardo at may kunting “hinanakit” sa pagkalipat ng Supra from BPP to MWP. Thanks a LOT. Good evening.

    • I will look into that, although it can be quite the touchy subject matter that BPCI might not welcome at this point.

  3. Good to know that another international pageant is going the brand-building route! A brand is what makes you the authentic you. The authentic you stems from your core values, which best expresses itself in advocacy. The celebration of beauty by a pageantry organization needs an advocacy to make itself alive and relevant in this volatile social, cultural, economic, political environment. As this pandemic exposed to the world, only those with solid brands wrapped in an advocacy remained active. Thanks to their brand-driven agility and innovation. The rest retreated to their bunkers– either postponed ambivalently or cancelled outright their annual search, or became inaccessible with their wait-and-see stance.

    • I hope Miss Supranational will not go into the trap of using brand hashtags only for what it is- a tag! Branding is a continuing process of aspiring for authenticity. This authenticity makes a pageantry organization emotionally connected to its followers, and draws corporate sponsors to share their brand values with the pageant’s own.

    • BTW, that’s why I thought last Sunday’s episode of Pageantry Norms is a must-see for all pageant enthusiasts who care about the development of pageantry.

  4. Is this going to be another “Stop the War and End Violence” scheme similar to that small imitation pageant?

    For years this pageant has tried to mock and leech ND of Miss Earth and now they are going to have a slogan “Aspirational. Inspirational.”

  5. “From the Ground Up”… to “Above and Beyond” (the prefix, Supra -). 🙂

    “Stop the War and Violence” could have been great. Unfortunately, my dear sweet Angkol isn’t a marketing guy like koya MG, didn’t take advantage of the opportunities to be relevant…

    Didn’t BPCI serve as donor to the AFPMC? Isn’t supporting our Armed Services a kind of peacekeeping, too? After all, soldiers are always front-liners. Their Engineering Brigade gives basic services in recently-liberated-still-recovering war-ravaged communities. They help at evacuations.

    “Grassroots” connotes discovering potential world-class athletes and (fashion) models in remote rural enclaves. True to form, Supranational crows “you are looking at future celebrities and influencers”!

    Mr. Tinio, remember, po, I said na ang DAMI’ng magaganda sa Mindanao? Why not convince ALV to sub-contract the MrWP search to a third party organization that specializes in male pageantry, like GP, which also offers multiple titles? This way, he can focus on the ladies, po.

    • @Flor. Do you think supra will allow to win a candidate whose advocacy is for peace. stoping the war? if MW ignored katarina for having this advocacy. paano kaya sa Supra knowing that this good advocacy can contribute disadvantages to the pageant organization.

      • @ jed So, your point is that regardless of which pageant organization, a war-and-peace-related advocacy is toxic?

        OK. I will take that as is, not go further. 🙂

        That being said, I agree with past comments that Katarina should have been sent to MU (I think it was @ unorthodox) instead of Rachel. I myself wanted the looming CamSur First Lady for MI, so she could finally bag Perfect Body (NOT that witch-like Ms. Australia!). But it’s all done… 😦

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