7 comments on “Updates on our Alpha Queens

  1. Miss Flawless and face of the year- BS Leearamwat
    Miss body beautiful- N. Pimentel
    Miss Talent- T. Singh
    Most active and relevant in Social Media And Best Pasarela- Z. Tonzi

    Each of these remarkable ladies has her own strengths and weaknesses. Each shines in her own time and space. One thing is common, they are all phenomenal and have captivated the hearts of many.

  2. Speaking of travel restrictions, I saw somewhere that Spain might re-lock…. 😦

    Indeed, SARS-Cov2 has unleashed a global upheaval unlike anything since probably WW2! One of us said in the MWP post that “China is in control. Real talk”. Whoever you are, can you extend that reality to mean China already has a vaccine and will use it as political/economic leverage?

    And as usual, it’s STILL more fun in Philippines!

    ‘Yung apparently adik-adik sa Cavite na ipinambili ng shabu ‘yung ayuda’ng nakuha niya, ta’s ‘eto’ng “hatid-Covid” sa Rizal Memorial Stadium, and a not-very-presidentiable admission that he (PRRD) is “inutil” when it comes to the SCS/WPS territorial dispute, the mismanagement and incompetence has gone from infuriating to downright hilarious. 🙂

    So, this is how it stands… MU, first half of 2021, MW mid-2021, and MI October 2021 (with the assumption that the Tokyo Summer Games will be executed to near-perfection). ME, Mr. Tinio, pakisabi, po, they should plan well, take all the lessons from the recent MPE.

    • Ganito ang DAPAT GAWIN ng Miss Earth Flor sa October 2020. The Preliminary Competition will be VIRTUAL and SHOWN ONLINE. At the end of the preliminaries, the 20 or 16 SEMIFINALISTS will be announced and they are the only ones to be brought to Manila 20 DAYS (for the testing & quarantine) before the START of the pre-pageant activities. The FINALS will be LIVE on FOXLIFE and other social media platforms. Hindi masyadong magastos. Hindi masyadong mahirap sa logistics. Hindi masyadong mahirao gawin. They can hold it in a small venue like KIA Theater, Toyota Theater & the like. Ano tingin mo sa suggestion ko Flor? HOw about you Scorg? Thanks.

      • At isama bilang isa sa mga judge si MADAM FLOR TULA kasi intelligent, witty, funny, and MOST of all, DIWATA at BAYOTIFUL! Yun na.

      • @ paul THIS October na??! Sasabay sa Eco-International, kung gayo’n…

        Mr. Tinio, yaman rin lang at hinihintay ang pasavogue ni ALV, updates on KD, po, please.

        Naku, alanganin… Sorry, @ paul. Insufficient time. I will require at least six (6) months advance notice for judging duties. You see, kailangan ko pa’ng mag-ipon para sa ipambabayad at paggawa ng akin’g gown… Kailangan, bongga! Parang si Dewi Sukarno at Junko Koshino sa MI. I envision a bias-cut column in bespoke t’nalak. I invite you to visit the FB page T’nalak Hub, & see…. 🙂

      • @Paul: Pre- pageant activities may be done online, but It is really important that the pageant finals be an interactive, histrionic spectacle fans know and love. This is best done when the semi-finalists can be assembled in a host venue, and the made-for-TV finals be mounted on a common stage where only the judges, guest performers, production crew, and a handful of supporters are present. How to do it within the constraints of this pandemic is a big challenge indeed, especially for an international edition. Granted international flights are already available, strict COVID 19 testing and quarantines may still be required. Hotel accommodations may require limited room sharing. Welcome events may be restricted. Sponsor visits may not be feasible. But let’s see. Filipinos are very ingenous.

  3. Miss Earth’s Nelly Pimentel is the MOST beautiful of them all. She is followed by Miss International Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand. It’s up to you who is the LEAST good looking between Zozobini and Toni. But for me Zozi is the most active and MOST relevant in the Social Media.

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